Everton’s kit manufacturer Umbro decided to pull the original set of 08/09 shirts after suffering problems with its producers in the Far East. It is understood there were subsequent quality problems with kits produced for Everton and two other Premier League clubs. 

Umbro would not comment specifically on the quality of the first batch of Everton strips, although the club promised fans that kits going on sale this Thursday would be “of the highest possible standard”. 

An Umbro spokesman said: “The Everton kit delay was due to logistical issues in the Far East.

“We are 100% dedicated to providing clubs and supporters with the highest-quality kit and this will always be our number one priority.

“We produce millions of licensed products per year and take every step to ensure the highest-quality product is delivered to clubs and supporters.”

An Everton spokesman said: “Historically, going back many years, Everton and Umbro merchandise has always been of the highest possible standard. 

“Despite the issues experienced this year, we can assure our supporters the 2008-09 home shirt will be of the same standard as previous seasons.” Ian MacDonald, from Everton independent supporters, said: “This is a perennial problem which has started to become shambolic. 

“People are consistently complaining about not enough merchandise being in the shops and if a deadline is not met, contracts should be made null and void.

“Fans want to get their season ticket and their new shirt so they go on holiday with pride, punch the air and show the world the team who they love to support.”


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  1. fsc

It\'s Birmingham\'s kit

  1. fsc

do u see birmingham in the prem leaugue no shush

  1. ThomasV

It\'s now official : Umbroke is sh*t.

  1. fsc

cant see difference from last seasons kit and umbro have had some bad designs ,no, really bad designs but they are not as bad as lotto

  1. fsc

they should send the kit and the team back to the factory for quality control...Liverpools 2nd best team since 1892

  1. fsc

umbro better then nike and adidas. nike and adidad is always the same umbro is way better then it rivals etc nike, adidas

  1. fsc

if they paid the people who made the kits in the factories even a fraction of what they pay the players, they might get better quality.

  1. fsc

no comment for this kits.... :0

  1. fsc

Shit quality shirt & shit team<br /><br />does anyone else get the irony here????<br /><br />Umbro never managed to balls up anyone else, maybe they thought that since it was Everton nobody would care <br /><br />Better off playing in tesco carrier bags!!!!!!

  1. fsc

nike own umbro

  1. fsc

thats not irony mate, its irony if it was a good shirt for a shit team or a shit shirt for a good team...tool

  1. fsc

\"it\'s a grand old team to play for \" is the same write of the celtic home shirt in 07/08 shirt :s :s

  1. fsc

same old sh#t !!!!!!!!<br />Boring!!!!!!

  1. fsc

you\'re really funny :dry: :whistle:

  1. fsc

:angry: sod u misserable biased b******s come on you blue boys !!!!!!!!

  1. fsc

:angry: :cheer: :evil: :silly: :dry: :lol: ;-)

  1. fsc

I know we have a huge contract with umbro for a few more years, but for the sake of better kits we should ditch them and bring back puma. Their last kit before their contract expired was awesome (03-04?).

  1. fsc

why do they have lescott modelling it? i dont even no what species that guy is. Decent player tho<br /><br />Its a very similar kit to last season except theyve taken away the cool logo mismash down the sides and added as shit fake collar. No buy-ee

  1. Joe Barbieri

Top is okay. Shorts are cracking, socks aren&#039;t really in keeping with kit

  1. larkhall bear

its alright.

  1. Guest

Come on guys...lets keep the black socks red tops!!!

  1. Harry Boyd

that was actually an oversight - i did intend to keep the traditional black socks and red tops bbut in my haste to finish i forgot :roll::

  1. Robbie King

I would buy it :cool:

  1. Guest


  1. Guest

nice but aint this just a fantasy top no the real wan

  1. Monty

emm. . . isnt that just the france top?:none:

  1. Guest

thats a good top...like it ...like it

  1. Guest

a cracking kit<br /><br />a black and red away kit would look good in that template too.

  1. Guest

Any Adidas kit would be better than the umbro pish we have been getting the last few years all the sideline stuff like casual tops and shorts are shockingly bad jjb are also to blame by not operating the stores properly and the sooner we sort it out the better <br />The Kit here looks great to me just wish it was gonna be real <br /><br />WATP !! 111 and counting !!

  1. Guest

im sure thats the france kit

  1. Guest

must say wicked strip except the socks nice job shame it&#039;s not real :sad:

  1. dgrfc

its kool but were stil made by umbro

  1. mitcho

If thats gonna be the real kit would buy it but looks the exact same as the france kit :none:

  1. Guest


  1. Jon W

Shorts are just immense. Take note Adidas!

  1. Kristian

agree with JBstokie.. amazing shorts.. okay shirt.. socks out of sync.

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