FC Köln launched the new home and away kits for the 2008/2009 Bundesliga season together with their new equipment manufacturer Reebok in the Galeria Kaufhof.

In addition to a round of talk with the FC Köln players Thomas Broich and Kevin McKenna, and the business leaders Claus Horstmann (1 FC Köln) and Thomas Vorndran (Reebok), the players offered the fans an autograph session.

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  1. fsc

That\'s way better then Sao Paulo FC kits :/

  1. fsc

They\'re sucks, like other Bundesliga club shirts

  1. fsc

how boring is that :zzz

  1. fsc

I\'d like to buy that shirt in the back, please

  1. Francesco

Hall of shame<br /><br />Rubbish shirts<br /><br />Isn\'t it Adidas Romania / Finland / Nigeria / T&T shirt template???<br /><br />This highlights that Reebok belongs to Adidas.<br /><br />The big Reebok swooshes on the shoulders are awful

  1. fsc

Reebok has never made one good football kit... EVER!

  1. nicholas dane

I like them.<br />It is at least a sign that Reebok are still making footie kits and adidas haven\'t totally swamped them (aside Bolton of course).I like the white under the arm, the coller is still very similar to adidas again highlighting the links between the two now.It was the same with adidas & le coq sportif in the 80s\', thewy had similar but not the same shirts(le coq sportif were by far the trendier).Why have they got plastic airfix figures to model them?Was subbutteo unavailable?

  1. danwho

It was a sad day for creativity when adidas purchased Reebok.<br /><br />Aside from Bolton, Reebok have bupkiss to do anymore. Even their footy boots lack the creativity and style from the Bergkamp era.<br /><br />This kit doesn\'t inspire hopes of a Reebok revival.

  1. dani

The white one has the latest adidas template for \"B teams\", like Latvia, Hungary,Romania

  1. fsc

Reebok have made one good shirt look at the Chivas one its really nice as for this one Boring, Crap, and it makes me :-x

  1. fsc

looks like adidas gave reebok the team and the kit template. probably didnt have a chance to change it. why logos on shoulders???

  1. Guest

Very nice, just how a safc shirt should be!

  1. Guest

plain but decent. I would buy it.

  1. Alexander Perkin

where did u get the sponsonr logo from?

  1. Murat Dereli

boyle sportsun amk :-)

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