Sevilla FC presented the new kits for this year's UEFA Cup. Both the players and the goalkeeper's shirts were displayed for all to see, in the presence of president José María del Nido, marketing director and advisor Manuel Vizcaíno and marketing director for Joma, Marina López.


The president chose once again to highlight the club's innovative approach to things "No-one can be in any doubt that we are an innovative, creative and stylish team.


We focus on our representative role as Sevillans in Andalucia, Andalucians in Spain, and Spaniards in Europe and the rest of the world.


This is the fifth consecutive year that we've worn the Spanish flag on our chests with pride, something that has been copied by clubs such as Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Malaga."

He also had some words for the two VIP guests present at the event "If Paco Tous played professional football I have no doubt that he'd play for Sevilla FC." Manuel Olmedo also took the opportunity to show his tremendous pride at being a Sevillista and being able to represent Spain in the recent Olympic Games in Beijing.


Marina López, representing Joma Sport, explained that the material the shirts are made of has been fabricated by Joma and is the same that is used for the regular shirts used in the League, a special, "intelligent" fabric that "absorbs sweat and UV rays". 

Manuel Vizcaíno then took charge of presenting the shirts themselves. Andrés Palop, Javi Varas and Olympic Athlete Manuel Olmedo presented the goalkeepers shirts first of all, that come in black, red and gold.


Federico Fazio and actor Paco Tous, from the popular series "Los hombres de Paco" were the next up. Both sported the brand new team shirt in cobalt blue with a Spanish flag stretched down the right side of the shirt and shorts.

 Lautaro Acosta then modelled the first team's main shirt for the UEFA cup, in the traditional white, with the sponsor's logo on the front and several bands sporting the Spanish colours.

Both Manuel Olmedo and Paco Tous were interviewed at the end of the event.





The athlete told journalists that, had he been a footballer, he would have loved to have been "a striker to score lots of goals, but I had to stick with athletics ." Paco Tous made it clear that he is a Sevillista to the bone despite his fictional character supporting another team  

"That's just fiction, but in reality I've been a Sevillista since I was a little boy. I feel very proud to be here wearing this shirt. I will be Sevillista until the day I die."

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  1. fsc

Can somebody clear up which kit is which? Sevilla have always been ridiculous in releasing a stupid number of kits...and they also have a history of making hidoeous shirts....these are awful. There\'s no need to release a whole set of kits for europe!

  1. fsc

Hmm, now they can play every match of the group phase in a different kit. :unsure:

  1. fsc

My Good. What is that!? this is the very very very very very very very very badest kit i´ve ever seen!!!!

  1. fsc

very ugly kits as always by joma for sevilla

  1. fsc

I think the shoulder design works a bit on the white shirt - but the others are pretty ugly. Joma can\'t pull off anything remotely creative.

  1. fsc

They should have just stuck with the white blue and orange ones. The red and black ones are absolutely hideous!

  1. fsc

Girls\' shirt!!!

  1. fsc

What!!!<br /><br />I\'m vomiting everywhere

  1. fsc

Class top! It\'s unique and creative. Tell me that Adidas or Nike would try something like this! They wouldn\'t take the chance, they would rather make bland tops!<br /><br />Here are the kit makers that deserve more credit:<br />1) KAPPA<br />2) LE COQ SPORTIF<br />3) JOMA

  1. fsc

Joma once made a very good shirt for Sevilla. I think it was for a Kings cup final against Getafe 2007. Really good retro look.<br /><br />But these are terrible as usual for Sevilla.<br /><br />I agree that Kappa and Le coq sportif are often great and the Scotland away shirt from Diadora is also great.

  1. fsc

At least its original.

  1. fsc

The shirts are atrocious looking but I\'m all for variety so I reckon this type of madness should be encouraged.

  1. fsc

fucking shit!!

  1. jamie mccracken

:silly: :silly: this kit is not worth it

  1. fsc

holy shit, this is hideous! What kind of a person are you if you let people actually wear this! YOU MONSTER!

  1. fsc

Ay Caramba ! Recent Sevilla Joma kits have been pretty decent even although the sizing always seems to change every year if you ever try to buy one.<br /><br />These tho\' are beyond the pale. The orange and white shoulder additions just dosen\'t go with the rest of the shirt and make them look ridiculous. I\'m surprised the club sanctioned them.

  1. Adam Green

These are really bad kits. Are those yellow, white and red stripes supposed to be the Spanish flag? They look more like the markings you find at a box junction.

  1. fsc

These Kits are rubbish the only one that i like a bit is blue one. at least is is not stupidly stripes.

  1. fsc

Some people are saying that \' least they are different..\' but I had a pair of pyjamas back in the 70\'s that looked like this :lol: :P

  1. fsc

Mo mama, what a shit...oops what an awful SHIRT... :-x

  1. fsc

all of they strips so nice mahn

  1. Moreno Kundert

nice. i like it.

  1. fsc

You just dont understand don\'t you? Only hate, enough dammit !<br /><br />Those 3 on top with Palop in the middle are the Goalkeepers Uefa Cup Kit : Home, Away, and Third if needed.<br /><br />Those two, with Adriano and Acosta, are the Home(Adriano) and Away(Acosta) kits for Uefa Cup 2008-09 season.<br /><br />They are at least original, and beautifull created too. What you like those simple eye-hurting kits of Man United? Or those blue-only **** of Chelsea? Get lost man.<br />These are real kits, they respect the tradition of Spain (those stripes that ya\'ll find funny), at least a Spanish soccer player would wear them with pride, even if he is from another region let\'s say Catalunia.<br />So for you that like those crapy shirts of your\'s favourite teams, get lost. You like it, comment, if you don\'t, vote if you want,and probably get the **** out, no one\'s in need for your crapy comments and thoughts,kapish.?

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