In a meeting with the press, Cagliari presented the new 09/10 kits worn by Agostini, Biondini and Nene. The CEO of Macron Gianluca Pavanello explained that they used four different fabrics in the shirt, including one totally new one.

"They have excellent technical characteristics and wear ability. Macron invests on research from a technical point of view: this time we had more time to develop this kit."

President Massimo Cellino rossoblu, welcomed the new collaboration with the Region and Dahlia Tv.

Fabrizio Grassi, CEO of TV Dahlia "For us it is the beginning of the world of football and digital terrestrial. Cagliari is one of the top-teams.”




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  1. jack

good god

  1. fsc

Please, Cagliari... not Calgari, Calgary or whatever !!

  1. LECART Anthony

Good job for the ones with games of colours ;-) <br /><br />interesting shirts<br /><br />Cagliari is the italian name,in french we use the same :P

  1. fsc

truly, madly, deeply disappointing.<br /><br />Cagliari have great colours and should be a great club to design a shirt for, but Macron have dropped the ball here.<br /><br />The dull red and blue tones used on the home don\'t really stand out and the details nothing special. The \"Sardegna\" logo looks particularly clumsily placed and just \"plonked on the shirt\".<br /><br />The white is a little better, though still fairly formulaic and the third is just a red t shirt with some clumsily placed badges and logos.

  1. LECART Anthony

hopefully the red shirt is the third ^^ cause it is the sole tasteless

  1. fsc


  1. fsc


  1. fsc

Not my cup of tea :unsure:

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Not really very good to be honest. perhaps they should have stuck with Umbro.

  1. fsc

no bad, no good.<br />past year shirts were better :huh:

  1. fsc

I\'m really interested to know what this \"totally new\" fabric that Macron have discovered is. Is it woven from gossamer and dreams, or maybe the very fabric of time itself? Reveal the secret, Macron!

  1. fsc

absolutely vile and to think the shirt was so beautiful when ennerre used to make it.

  1. fsc

for some reason i kinda like it...strange no?

  1. Kory

[quote=MW FROM WIDEOPEN]Not really very good to be honest. perhaps they should have stuck with Umbro.[/quote]<br /><br />perhaps? you mean they should have :cheer:


Not bad, but nothing will ever match up to their 04/05 kits.

  1. fsc

The guy in the middle has a HALO! :shock:

  1. fsc

Good grief, the white is allright, though the Sardegna logo could have been drawn by a dyslexic 5-yr old......last year\'s red shirt was superb, wtf? I also agree onn the red and blue, the home shirt, it should stand out every time, yet it does not.....Kappa, call Kappa, they can fix that ****e.....

  1. fsc

oh thats nasty

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