We’ve heard the rumour of a light blue and brown Italy kit a while ago, but according to the gazzetta, the Italian National team will be wearing a very special new home kit designed by Puma to celebrate the two World Cup victories of 1934 and 1938.

The colour is said to be a much softer azure than normal, but a genuine one, not the blue we've seen in recent years.

And it's got a v-neck.. The white Puma logo is on the right, and the Italy crest much bigger than usual, on the left.

It was Fabio Cannavaro, the team captain, who asked for a nice big crest just like they used to have in the old days. And so that's what he got.

Obviously, the FIFA world champions badge will also be added in the middle.

The shirt also has the word "Italy" repeated across the shirt, with four world cup stars and diagonal stripes. The tricolour runs down the side.

It will definitely be seen action in the three group games against USA, Egypt and Brazil.




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  1. fsc

it doesn\'t look bad, but I still don\'t understand why italians \'\'hide\'\' their 4 stars like that, they should be above the crest, and as big as they can be; your opponents must know who are they playing against...

  1. fsc

What can I do to add the window to my web??<br /><br />Thanks

  1. fsc

Because the Italians are humble people men.<br />let\'s they judge how we play in field not for our fame

  1. Francesco

It looks a very good shirt.<br />I hope that the word repeated across the shirt will be ITALIA not Italy..<br />About the stars..I like them inside the badge design, it\'s a typical Italian national team feature frome the 80\'s.<br />Good idea a greater badge.

  1. fsc

But still.....PUMA? with all the italian brands such as Kappa, Lotto, Diadora and errea.<br /><br />Lucky for Italy that they are an A-Brand for Puma, or else they would have had the same shi(r)t that all the african teams got

  1. fsc

It does seem strange that they use PUMA and not one of the italian brands but they used to use Le Coq Sportif so I guess it must be a very political decision. The shrt looks great but I hope it says Italia on it not Italy. I bet it won\'t cost £50 like the latest England shirt either.

  1. Christopher

I like this shirt, very vintage. I hope that FIFA world champions badge will not be added in the middle, but on the left sleeve.

  1. fsc

Giuseppe Cucchiara - Italy for Worldcup |2009-02-04 <br /> <br />Because the Italians are humble people men......<br /><br /> :lol: yes, of corse. And Italians are also well known as:<br /><br />tall<br />brave<br />honest<br />decent<br /><br />Men, who do you trying to fool? Italians and humble :woohoo:

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