At an event held in the stadium Alfredo Jaconi, Penalty and Juventude launched the 09/10 kit collection. In the parade, the brand presented the new homa and away kits, goalkeeper kits, training equipment, travel gear, and other accessories that are part of everyday life of the players and the technical staff.

The new shirts are designed with fabrics that offer full freedom of movement, quick absorption and evaporation of sweat and even more protection to athletes.

The partnership between Penalty and Juventude enters its third year. "Since the beginning of our activities, football has always been very important to Penalty. It is part of our DNA. And being next to a club as important as Juventude is a source of pride for us "- says Carlos Saraiva, Sporting Relations Manager of Penalty.

The President Sergio Florian emphasized the importance of combining quality of materials to the traditions of the club: "This joint work on development has enabled us to offer a Penalty kit of high quality with a design that presents the traditions of classic stripes on the Juventude shirt."

Among other news, the club and Penalty decided that fans will choose the third kit. The choice will be through a vote at the site of the club. Four types of shirts will be presented between 1 and the 15th of May.







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  1. fsc

Those tops are awful, but the lady is a different story ;-)

  1. fsc

Yeah those are quite bad. If the home had the stripes run a little longer it would look better (like Santos).

  1. fsc


  1. fsc

Penalty lost the touch in the 90\'s

  1. fsc

I like the striped ones

  1. fsc

That\'s twice in as many days we\'ve had a new kit with incomplete stripes. And they\'ve both been rank.<br /><br />Everyone else - don\'t do it.

  1. fsc

Its a nice idea but I don\'t think it really works. They should make them play in the crop top and tight shorts like the bird is wearing...just for comedy value!

  1. fsc

:Pinch: Aaargh my eyes :Pinch: <br />These really are bad. The goalkeeper shirts are the most shapeless rags that I have seen for ages and just look how thin the socks are, by the time they hav a shin-pad under them as well they wont last 2 minutes.<br />The best item in the whole photo-shoot is the woman\'s shorts - I like :evil:

  1. larkhall bear

^^^^^^ i couldnt agree more, the socks look awful and the shape of the gk tops are crap.<br />the away top just gets a 2/5 but the home 0/5! :sad:

  1. larkhall bear

just noticed the third! :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x :-x

  1. Paul - curswine

I like the home kit, very original and not at all over the top.<br /><br />the away kits are hit and miss though and the goalkeeper shirts are total pap.

  1. fsc

Poor. Virtually no difference between home and away shirts. The training kit is okay, but the GK shirts are truly awful and the designer should be harmed. <br /><br />Why do all the pics look like they\'re stills from CCTV?<br /><br />I would like to see those fluorescent shoes - they look a bit special.

  1. fsc

Would it possible - just once - the next time a team bring out a shirt and have it modelled by a woman, for no one to use the quote <br /><br />\"Those tops are awful, but the lady is a different story\"<br /><br />It wasn\'t funny a year ago when I first started visiting this site, it hasn\'t been funny the hundred or so times people have done it since, it isn\'t funny today, and to be honest I don\'t think there will ever be a time when it is even remotely funny.<br /><br />Do you really think those if us who read \"Those tops are awful, but the lady is a different story\" are actually laughing out loud, clapping our hands and shouting \"Genius!!!\"?<br /><br />Because we\'re not, we\'re thinking what a predictable, boring tw*t.

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