N.E.C. Nijmegen unveiled the new 09/10 football kits made by Nike.

Earlier this year, the N.E.C. Players and staff went to the Nike headquarters in order to make the choice for the 09/10 training and competition gear.

In the beginning of 2009, the N.E.C. fans choose between 2 options in a kit vote. Over 78% of N.E.C. Fans chose the shirt without a collar and without a black Back. The second choice was a shirt with a black back, which was actually preferred by the NEC board of directors.

The obvious choice of more than 1000 N.E.C. Season card holders who released their vote for option 1, however, decided otherwise. Hence the back of the new N.E.C. home shirt is green and red, like the front is. This shirt is available for sale from July 12.

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  1. fsc

Very nice kit but the template is from 2009, the same of Wolfsburg 08-2009.<br /><br />I like the sponsor font, different from the others.<br /><br />The blue one is very smart

  1. fsc

Good to see fan involvement produce a really lush home kit that carries the colour combination onto the back. Even the sponsor looks good. 9 out of 10.

  1. Jack Beaunier

niCe kits, away is my fave and sponsor is cool :woohoo:

  1. fsc

Lovely Kits , Horrific sponser!

  1. Francesco

Very good kits.<br />Nice and simple but modern home kit.<br />Cool colour for the away one, I like white shorts and socks too.<br /><br />but OMG the sponsor sucks... its font sucks.. the Brazilian word itself sucks... It ruins the shirts.

  1. fsc

qUALITY kITS!!! :cheer: :woohoo:

  1. larkhall bear

i like them very much! :-)

  1. fsc

what template is the one of the shorts?<br />tnx

  1. fsc

Curacao is an island in the carribean which is dutch territory. Nice sponsor to have

  1. fsc

The template is last year\'s.. yes but it looks cool not keen about the sponsor though.. looks cheap


A sponsor change would turn my rating from 6 to a 9 out of 10.

  1. fsc

One of the more unique kits out there. I approve...

  1. fsc

The home could be simular to the new Werder Bremen kit....

  1. fsc

Sry I just can\'t wait! ;-)

  1. fsc

Home kit looks ok quite a decent design but lets be fare its not the nicest of colour combinations is it ? The away kit however is the most boring non descript pile of cack I have seen in ages....luckily with the home colours it won\'t be required much !

  1. LECART Anthony

I like the red ang green one.<br />The blue one is as beautiful as a t-shirt bought in a mall.

  1. fsc

C\',mon....the blue kit is so simple it is pitiful. A blue t-shirt with a Nike swoosh, a logo and a sponsor? That is all Nike can come up with, just as they did for Dundee United.

  1. fsc

CC you\'re right it\'s a bit simple,plain and boring but this time it just seems to work for NEC.It looks alright.<br />The \"effort\" for Dundee United was just plain wrong.

  1. fsc

Obviousy aren\'t many parks and pub teams wearing blue this year then ! For a professional club to be given that is completely unacceptable. cheap crap from the back of Nikes sweatshop...disgraceful !

  1. fsc

the away is a blue poly tee for 9,99$ , how progressive<br />must have taken ages to design......

  1. fsc


  1. fsc


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