North Queensland Fury FC unveiled its 09/10 playing strips at Willows Shoppingtown in Townsville.

The distinctive two-tone green and white home strip and predominantly white alternate jersey sets the club apart from all other Hyundai A-League clubs – not just because of the colour, but also its unique design.

Striker Daniel McBreen can’t wait to pull on the strip.

“There’s a first for everything - whether it’s the first time you wear it, the first team on the pitch, the first goal scored.

“That’s something that can never be taken away and to be a first in an inaugural season, that’s one of the highest honours a player can have at any club.

“Everyone will look back on that in years to come.

“When I was overseas at Falkirk there were photos in the stadium that might have been from 110 years ago but that was the first team and people will always see that so it’s a great honour to wear the first strip.

“The game in Singapore might have been the first in club’s history, but it was a friendly … it isn’t the same.

The strip the boys pull on in August against Sydney FC is what everyone is going to remember. That’s the strip all the players want to wear – to be in that Starting 11.”

Rookie Fury midfielder Osama Malik is the first under-21 player signed by the Fury.

He said the opportunity to be one of the first players to ever pull-on the club’s colours is exciting.

“Definitely. Being invited to play with a new team in the Hyundai A-League and getting to wear the strip – it’s a fantastic feeling,” the 18 year old said.

“It’s never been worn before, so it’s the start of a legacy for the club.”

CEO Dean Hassall said the unveiling of the strip was a significant day for the club.

“It means the club has something tangible which our supporters will be able to identify with,” Hassall said.

“We know that North Queenslanders love to show their allegiance to their sporting teams in an almost tribal way.”

“We hope they’ll embrace the Fury’s colours and make them their own by wearing the jersey, the shirt, the hat - anything that shows they are Fury fans - with pride at our home games and also on the road.”

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Comments (14)

  1. marino bozikovic

this looks like a training kit...

  1. fsc

probably the best kit in the world, i love it!

  1. larkhall bear

wow... merd!

  1. fsc

:lol: The best reebok kits goin

  1. fsc

love the A-League badge on the chest, opposite the club logo<br /><br />the design pattern is awesome !<br /><br />don\'t like the colors tough.

  1. fsc

Love the kit isn`t the same the same template as the other A-league kits <br />does Reebok have special templates for Australia and the pinstripe (Lens,K?

  1. LECART Anthony

Here,try is succeeding.I like this diagonal look :cheer:

  1. Jay

Not too bad. The colourscheme works and I think it helps it but it\'s a pretty original kit. Nice to see more fitted/smaller-sized shirts.

  1. fsc

it\'s actually not bad... would like to see it with the \'\'lime?\'\' green as the main short colour (for the home kit)...<br /><br />A-league kits are improving, not as many of the same template by the looks of things...<br /><br />BRING IT ON!!!

  1. fsc

i love it

  1. fsc

The colours (especially the light green) are not very nice, but the shirt is great (love diagonal style !)

  1. fsc

especially the white one looks really great - love it :woohoo:

  1. Chris

the fact there isn\'t some ****ty bet website or other asinine sponsor pasted across the front of this, makes it a great looking kit! :side:

  1. fsc

Where\'s that twat Blobbie Fowler?

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