This seems to be the new Racing Club de Lens 09/10 Home and away kit made by Reebok.

The club's nickname, sang et or (literally, 'blood and gold'), comes from its traditional colours of red and gold. It was in 1924 that the red and gold colours appeared.

The legend says that Mr Moglia, president of the club from 1923 to 1930, chose the colours of the Spanish flag after someone from the club remarked that the ruins of the Saint-Léger church they happened to be walking by that night were the last remains of the Spanish occupation in 1648.

People also say that the colours come from the coal mines: the red for the blood of the miners and the gold for the coal which was valuable at the time.

The new RC Lens shirts are not yet officially unveiled, this is a leaked picture.

Thanks to Nalbi


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  1. Guest


  1. James

Nicely put together :smile:

  1. BB

Hooray finally an Armenia Bielefeld fantasy shirt! All of them are very well put together.

  1. myso

Nice work, do you have it in higher resolution than 640x450?

  1. Che

Yes, I have it in an higher resolution. I will upload it tomorrow and post the link here! :wink:

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

If only you were doing a St Pauli Centenary season shirt in a few weeks time! only thing wrong with this whole exercise. VFB home is my favourite, nice use of the Puma template, and have to say the black shirt for bremen is nice, though I would swap the orange for white on it.

  1. spaz

wow! awesome job dude!

  1. Guest


  1. Guest

Wolfsburg will play in adidas next season...<br /><br />but pretty realistic work! well done!

  1. Guest

and the ksc (Karlsruhe) will play in nike

  1. Che

Thx for the advises! I&#039;ll change it in later versions! :wink:

  1. Guest
  1. Guest

Werder Bremen nice trikots ;-)

  1. larkhall bear

looks like the bolton template, i like it the more i see it!

  1. fsc

its ok - nothing special special,same old reebok template

  1. fsc

I hope Len is pleased with it.

  1. fsc

it\'s hideous :Pinch: <br />that template is so awful<br /><br />too bad because Lens used to have nice kits

  1. fsc

Nike produced some decent Lens kits, though that\'s more due to a fairly unique yellow/red colour combination than any special template. Not a huge fan of Reebok, but hey it\'s still much better than Bolton.

  1. fsc

Oh, God. It\'s the template from Hell again. :shock:

  1. Che

Oh god noooooooooo...lens had so many nice nike shirts...and now this crap...it sucks! :s

  1. BB

I like how he tucked it in all the way so no one would see them. Do like them more than Bolton\'s though.

  1. fsc

Reebok still seems to have a long way to go in designing kits. Guess Lens is the latest to be stepped on...er, I mean, be used as a stepping stone as the company feels its way to the middle of the pack. I have no idea why they put a bar code at the bottoms of their jerseys, but it looks sort of high-tech cartoonish. At least one good thing here for French football: Ligue 1 won\'t look uniformly silly as did all the clubs down under in Australia, who were forced all be outfitted by Reebok.

  1. Francesco

I really don\'t like this Reebok template,<br />but on Lens, looks better than on Bolton or CSKA Moscow.

  1. fsc

The Good bad and ugly...good they left Nike Bad they went to Reebok and Ugly design !

  1. fsc

More recruits for the Barcode Army... :unsure:

  1. fsc

i like,i think that the colours work really well with the template.<br />8/10

  1. fsc

Noooo! I loved the Lens kits of the past several seasons, but this is hideous. Bad call.

  1. fsc

I like the nike symbols on the stand...

  1. Bochumer jungens

:no: :no: :no: :no: :no: Bochum trikots:no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: <br />hässlich;kotz

  1. Bochumer jungens

:no: :no: :no: :no: :no: Bochum trikots:no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no: :no:<br />terrible;kotz

  1. Guess the best

:smile: :cool: : :wink: :none: :mad: :sad: :dead: :yes: :lol: :smilewinkgrin: :razz: :roll:: :eek:: :no: :cry::

  1. Vittorio

well done, i like allmost all of the kits:

  1. Jagaddewa

Werder kits :cool:

  1. Jon W

Where&#039;s the high res?!

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