This is the new Vietnam away kit for made by nike who are the new kit manufacturer of Vietnam after signing a 5-year kit deal.

Nhu Thanh and Bao Khanh, two members of the national football squad caught colds in the new clothes provided by their sponsor Nike on Thursday after wearing "very thin" Nike shirts on their first day,

Witnessing the football players shrink in their thin Nike jerseys, the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), on Thursday, urgently "equipped" non-nike coats for the whole team.


Before the traning session, the playes experienced a challenge when they had to wear the official kit that Nike prepared for the upcoming match against Lebanon for an official photoshoot.

Players were very cold when the sponsor asked them to pose in different ways for the photo. The VFF Secretary General, Tran Quoc Tuan, was very worried and urged Nike several times to quickly finish this job.

They also complained that the official kit was looking a lot like their yamaha sponsored training kit.

As a result, representative of Nike Asia, Coach Henrique Calisto and some players spoke out their ideas for materials and the style of the kits provided by Nike. However, their suggestions may be used for the next gathering of the team because the uniforms for the next match against Lebanon are already available.


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  1. Jay

Hmmm. No such thing as bad publicity? I think there might be.

  1. fsc

Terrible. Where does the Fulham top match anything to do with Vietnam? The whole thing looks disastrous. It looks like it was thrown together in about 5 minutes.

  1. fsc

Just awful!

  1. fsc

How can than they even publicise this as the \"Nike Vietnam Kit\"? There is zero customisation to make these things look unique. Its just a standard nike teamkit any of us can buy from an authorised retailer with numbers and flag sewn on.

  1. fsc

What a masterstroke its all white.<br />The boys at Nike must have been up all night designing that.

  1. fsc

Man, that\'s horrible! What a joke. After that epic Nike ad with the swoosh in place of the Vietnam star, this is about the worst letdown in ages.

  1. fsc

Oh and, why do they need the jackets?

  1. fsc

Hahahaaaa..... what a joke... New Asean Champions get a nike deal with old stock taken out from nike store room. It must have been kept for quite some time. Nike doesnt even put any effort to come out with a new design, with vietnam nation colours (the new away kit has dark trim at collar: the old viet kit before nike also white but was with red and yellow trim andnumbering). andfor godness sake, how can the new kit be so thin!!! simply a fantastic job done by nike....

  1. fsc

dm!! nike thiet ke ao nhu LON Y!!! VL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DM CON ME NIKE!!! ve voi CHINA DI VN OI.... cuc cac

  1. fsc

I\'m trying to imagine the meeting to discuss the design, I\'m guessing something lik this:<br /><br />-Hey guys we have to make a Vietnam shirt...<br />-Ok then,check if there\'s anything left in the warehouse<br />-mmm... not much only white simple shirts....<br />-Wonderful, stick a Vietnamiese flag and ship it.<br />-OK guys tha\'s all for today let\'s go home now...<br />--------<br />C\'mon wtf is this?

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