west ham united 10-11 macron away kit

West Ham United have unveiled the club's new Macron away kit for the 2010/11 season - fittingly described as being made from the fabric of legends.

The kit - combining cutting edge continental ideas with the club's homegrown history - is the first produced since Macron became the club's new technical partners. It features a white shirt with claret and sky blue hoops around the middle. The shorts and socks are both in matching sky blue, with the round neck enhancing the retro feel.

Macron are leading the way for kit innovation, providing bespoke shirts that allowed the club to respond to fan feedback as well as provide stylish training gear to complement. There has been strong attention to detail, particularly on the shirt with the design of the cut, the inserts and the combination of fabrics allowing better movement for optimum performance.

west ham-united 10-11 macron away kit

west ham-united 10-11 macron away kit

west ham-united 10-11 macron away kit

The shirt is a throwback to a kit first worn by the successful side of the late 1950s, when a young Bobby Moore made his breakthrough into the strong Hammers side that had emerged around the greats like Malcolm Allison and Noel Cantwell.

Mark Noble, Junior Stanislas, Thomas Hitzlsperger and Carlton Cole were all chosen to launch the new kit with a special Boleyn Ground photo-shoot this week. The players posed for a number of shots, including a cafe scene that evoked thoughts of the West Ham way first being forged midway through the last century.

Then, 50 odd years ago, the players would follow daily training sessions by getting together again in the afternoons at Cassettari's Cafe, just a short walk from the ground in Barking Road. There, the players would exchange views and hone tactics, laying the foundations for the golden generation of the 1960s.

The Hammers memorably wore a white shirt when they last reached the FA Cup final in 2006. Going further back, the team had a white away shirt in 1985/86 when they finished third and, of course, won the 1980 FA Cup while wearing an all-white strip.

Leading Italian kitwear manufacturers Macron will be the club's official technical partner for three years from the new season. Having recently joined forces with SSC Napoli, AS Monaco FC and SC Braga, Macron were keen to make West Ham United a major part of their growing portfolio of top-flight elite European clubs.

Founded in 1971, Macron is based in Crespellano, near the Italian city of Bologna. In recent years, the company has rapidly expanded its portfolio of clients, and as well as Napoli also kits out Serie A clubs Bologna FC 1909 and Cagliari Calcio 1920.

Macron also manufactures high-quality playing and training wear for basketball, handball, volleyball and rugby. It has links throughout Europe and operates under the message - work hard, play harder.

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  1. Paul - curswine

Very good<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Is what I&#039;-) be saying if you hadn&#039;t copied Feyeno0rd&#039;s Borussia Dortmund kit.<br /><br />Stop plagiarising other people&#039;s work!

  1. Dennis Wise

Fuck sake curswine. its a FANTASY design page stop taking it so seriously.<br /><br />I may have copied his template but i add things change colour and do it for a different club, so honestly fucking get over it if you have such a problem with it i wont copy yours but tbh, if u have nothing better to do than accuse me of plagiarising, Get a fuckin life.<br /><br />and i was gonna say cheers for the compliment but then u have to go on the same boring subect of copying...<br /><br />get over it.. and why do u have such a problem with it?

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Because its like stealing a gold wedding ring ring and melting it down to use as a Prince Albert. Its just plain wrong, and it is disrespectful and insulting to the person you have copied it from.

  1. Matthew Wilkinson
  1. Dennis Wise

so why are u arguing with me ?<br /><br />grow up?<br /><br />and go out somewhere? <br /><br />rather than rotting on your computer.

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Yeah, after a day helping to recruit and helping people in the choice of course at one of the greatest Universities in Europe, and talking about my experiences there, and before I go out and see my pals play music tonight, why am I argueing with a thief like you? Good point man

  1. Paul - curswine

Yeah its a fantasy DESIGN gallery, not a steal someone else&#039;s work and claim your designed it gallery.<br /><br />You&#039;ve not copied his &#039;template&#039;, you&#039;ve copied his whole work, not changed colour you simply drawn a couple of lines on in paint and pasted logos over the top.<br /><br />Their would be no problem if you just went about it by making it yourself and I&#039;-) stand by by comment of good work if that was the case.<br /><br />Don&#039;t even bother to tell people to get a life either you&#039;re just as sad as the rest of us, even more so if you&#039;re not even contributing anything of your own.

  1. Dylan Keenan

what do you mean the rest of us?<br />i have a life!<br />i&#039;m a young musician!<br />i only do kits because i&#039;m heavily into graphic design!<br />i design logos, achitechural buildings etc.<br />speak for your self please curswine!

  1. Paul - curswine

oh be&#039;ave, designing kits which are never going to amount to anything is quite sad only does it become a cool thing when you&#039;re getting paid to do it, as a hobby it ranks up there with stamp collecting.<br /><br />Dylan, from your work I can tell you&#039;re not heavily into graphic design as you use paint and can&#039;t make your own templates to start with, I&#039;m not having a go, just that&#039;s what I deduce from what you have displayed on here so far.

  1. Dylan Keenan

ok - i use paint because i do not know how to use photoshop elements 6.0!<br />i can see what you mean, i have not shown this, but i have drawings etc. of my work at home! - where i have designed my own templates!<br />i must post some on &#039;ere to show you!<br />and it&#039;s an ok hobby if you don&#039;t take it too sirious!<br /><br />also...just wondering if anyone knows who the administrator for this website is? =/

  1. fsc

Macron are trying really hard to get a nice kit, and, it does have the potential.. it's just ruined by that totally horrible Sbobet logo. <br /><br />Good effort.. bad sponsor..

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