This is the new Sheffield United 15/16 Away Football Shirt by Adidas.

The Adidas designed strip features a V-neck Macaw green shirt with black trim, black shorts and black socks both with a matching Macaw trim.

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  1. bastien

That's quite good, but I think that France is just not made for wearing Lotto, so that's not your fault ! :-)

  1. Martin Greenacre

I really like this lotto template, and I think it works well here

  1. Andrew Macpherson

Should have a big white palm on the front.

  1. LECART Anthony

Not bad,I would prefer a horizontal red stripe though

  1. zoran

Speaking about Henry and Ireland, I also have had in my mind to make some kits for France in green colour, or with a hand all over it, but then I thought again. I guess it's not Henry's fault. That's the human nature. No mather the costs. How many players would be recognized instead of him. But also I think Henry is the biggest loser from this, because if he would recognized the gesture during the game, now he could be the most admired player in the world. But he is only a human :no:

  1. LECART Anthony

that&#039;s the advantage to be good in several sports, ChelseaBlueBoy.....we have good handball team,good football team,good basketball team,good rugby team :razz: :razz: :razz: <br />we can use all the parts of our body heeeeheeee :

  1. LECART Anthony

shame on him,of course,even in France we hope we&#039;ll perform a good world cup to try to erase that dark leaf of our History......<br />Another player is,contrary to Henry praiseworthy: look at Slovenia&#039;s Valter Birsa and what he did during a recent Marseille-Auxerre game ;-)

  1. Guest

I think Karim Benzema would retire from international football if he were forced to wear this shite.

  1. Sep Bladder

Not bad tbh, looks really clean

  1. Sad Boy 2003

Okay dude, the shoes are overkill.

  1. FTOF

So, make sure you get that colour correct, it's Macaw green, not Slime green.<br /><br />Very average

  1. MadGoy


  1. nono

Is that template like 4 years old now? How bizarre.

  1. tom bola

Marginally better than the yellow/black combo from last year? Can't really decide TBH. It is a VERY boring template.

  1. Baggio Blue 10

The sponsor logo on the back of the shirt is terrible, up close.<br />Tacky :-|

  1. The Cat

Not great but its nice to see they haven't used a monochrome badge

  1. Gaz

Nothing special, pretty standard.

  1. Baskerville Hound

Standard Adidas fair . Very average

  1. boro boyo

Looks like someone must have been studying Football League Away Kit 101 at college

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