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Forest Green Rovers, recognised by FIFA and UEFA as the world’s greenest football club, has unveiled its dazzling new kit – a world first made from bamboo, proudly sporting nature’s original camo – the zebra stripe.

Inspired by nature, the on-trend kit comes from chairman Dale Vince’s desire to create an evolution of the club’s now world-famous green and black hoops.

The new designs are inspired by the animal’s natural camouflage – so effect for a dazzle of zebra (the collective noun for a group) when bamboozling predators and stopping them from attacking. The zebra’s striping also makes it harder for rivals to judge their speed and direction.

In a further nod to nature – the new shirts are the first in football to be made from bamboo – a fast growing, super sustainable material. This year’s kit uses a 50% bamboo mix – significantly reduces the use of plastic. Working with its kit partner PlayerLayer, the intention is to further develop this revolutionary approach, to create 100% sustainable high-performance sportswear.

This season’s new home kit is resplendent in a striking green and black zebra pattern, as the away kit adopting a black-on-black zebra look. The home and away design will last for two seasons.

Both kits feature FGR’s internet-infamous three stars on the back again, which signify the club’s ambition to reach the Championship, with one coloured in so far to mark promotion to the Football League in 2017, and two greyed out to represent the steps needed to reach its goal. The club came close to filling in another star last season, narrowly missing out on promotion to league one.

FGR’s support of its conservation partner Sea Shepherd also features in the new design, with the marine charity’s iconic skull and crossbones on the back of every shirt. For the first time, Oatly – the club’s plant-based milk partner - sponsor the shorts, with their logo appearing on the back of every pair.

The club will also launch an all-new third kit in partnership with Sea Shepherd next month, as a tribute to the organisation’s work, and as part of a major fundraising initiative instigated by the club.

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Comments (22)

  1. Goose

Open Roget's Thesaurus. Type 'dreadful' into 'synonyms'. Have at it.

  1. BWFC till.....

Brilliant for originality, a little “marmite” perhaps, love it or hate it, but FGR should be applauded for everything they are doing. And by the way, Mr Chairman, As a Bolton supporter I doubly applaud you. If you know anyone who might want to buy a football club....

  1. Ken    BWFC till.....

Get your tongue from up his arse, stop the love in and support your own club. Embarrassment

  1. Les Batters    Ken

Nice one Ken. Absolutely classic Kenny boy. Great content.

  1. Ann Kenderson    Les Batters

Your daughter is a cheap hooker and slept with half the Street

  1. Nuts

Wow that is one awful football shirt, lol love the fact about being made from bamboo why did it have to look so rubbishy

  1. BaddersTUFC


  1. Derbs

I really hope this was the product of a local school competition? If not then what the hell was your board thinking let show everyone how bad enviromental things look

  1. Deanopanini

I think both kits are magnificent, mainly based upon the club's determination to be environmentally sensitive. Brilliant stuff. What a great club, with a brilliant philosophy.

  1. Totts    Deanopanini

Wow really!!! What are you smoking lol

  1. Rich P    Deanopanini


  1. I want my bamboo back    Rich P

Guess your all smoking it then


Really piss poor stuff from FGR, sorry.

  1. fcb1893

Only FGR could pull this kit off. They may not play at the highest level, but they are the boldest, most innovative club in football. So having a kit this bold and innovative is really fitting for them. There is no other club in the world that looks like them, so why not embrace it and pull out all the stops?? Great stuff.


Sustainable bamboo! The only food source of the endangered Panda? FGR, panda genecide since 2019


Oh yeah because you can only grow bamboo in China where the said Giant Panda lives.

Also, Bamboo is the fastest growing of all grass & can be harvested within a month of planting.

Try harder with your trolling dear boy :-D

  1. Ecohippy    Ying Yang

Will nobody think of the poor pandas. I'm going to speak to the local universities to see if we can get them to strike about this

  1. Yang Ying

Both kits work a lot better visually than I expected.

Nice to the Sea Shepherd organisation getting a mention on the back of the shirts.

  1. ANON

how long will they persist with the 3 stars for?

  1. Socrates

That is grotesque. History will not judge it kindly. It will be remembered, for all the wrong reasons, long after Forest Green will have ceased to exist.

  1. Daz. Leicester

Play all your league games in a rain forest this season and you'll be top of the table. Classic camaflage shirt.

  1. Daz. Leicester

Camouflage sorry.

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