So yeah, the recently released Huddersfield shirt was a fake.

Huddersfield Town today revealed the actual home kit that Jan Siewert’s side will wear throughout the 19/20 season.

48 hours after the first release of a home shirt that has been much-discussed amongst Town fans and the wider football community – and which was also worn in the pre-season win at Rochdale on Wednesday night – a blue and white striped shirt featuring no sponsor logo has now been revealed.

The shirt is part of Paddy Power’s new ‘Save Our Shirt’ campaign; an initiative that is backing a move towards unbranded football kits, effectively returning the shirt back to the fans.

As a result, Paddy Power has relinquished the space on the front of the shirt that the company would be due as title sponsor.

Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis commented:

“We’re happy to support Paddy Power’s ‘Save Our Shirt’ campaign with the launch of our actual 2019/20 home kit this morning.

“It has been a very interesting two days’ since the original launch on Wednesday, which we expected, but we’ve always had in mind that our supporters would understand, and really like the real kit when it was properly revealed today.

“We’re really happy with this kit, which is unique in modern-day football. I’d like to thank Paddy Power, Umbro and everyone else involved in the kit for their hard work towards today.”

Paddy Power MD, Victor Corcoran, said: “Shirt sponsorship in football has gone too far. We accept that there is a role for sponsors around football, but the shirt should be sacred.

“So today we are calling on other sponsors to join the Save Our Shirt campaign, and give something back to the fans.

“As a sponsor, we know our place, and it’s not on your shirt.”

The actual 2019/20 home kit, produced by Umbro, features Town’s traditional blue and white striped shirt, combined with a new navy pinstripe and predominantly white arms.

Town’s crest appears where it traditionally does – above the heart – as a woven badge, with the famous embroidered Umbro logo on the opposite side.

The navy colour from the pinstripe also features on the neck detailing, whilst the names and numbers that appear on the back of the shirt will be in the same colour too.

The accompanying shorts and socks are both white, as previously shown.

View the: Huddersfield Town 2019-20 Umbro Away Kit

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Comments (19)

  1. Russel1311

Well played.

  1. Mike

Oh, the irony of it all

  1. Bob24

While Paddy Power's stance on shirt sponsorship logos is admirable, they are still just another betting company sponsoring an English club. Sometimes it seems as though betting companies are the only ones getting involved with shirt sponsorship. I guess it's down to easy exposure for minimal outlay in most cases. Also, there is the curious conflict of interest when a betting company and a football club have such a close relationship.

  1. Russel1311    Paddy’s Power

It’s pretty obvious which products and services should not be allowed to sponsor football clubs. Companies that make alcoholic drinks are already banned from sponsoring clubs’ shirts, no one thinks that’s unacceptable. Hopefully in ten years time the same will be true of betting companies, payday loan companies etc.

  1. Johnno    Russel1311

A minority of people piss and moaned about booze companies being on kits because a few people can’t control themselves. Nothing wrong with the sponsors. Same with betting companies. There should be regulations on logos etc but banning just because it doesn’t align with your political narrative is not a very free nation idea.

  1. Russel1311    Johnno

Nothing to do with politics. It’s to do with, you know, debt, homelessness, depression, suicide, stuff like that. Happy to help.

  1. Yo Yo Yo

I'm being cynical about this because I just believe it's Paddy Power making it all about themselves again. While this is an absolutely beautiful football shirt, with Umbro in fine form at the moment, football shirts don't lose any of their appeal because a sponsor is on the front. I'm looking into the past of course, but some clubs are synonymous with with the sponsor they had at a particular time. I'm thinking Arsenal and JVC, Tottenham and Holsten, Liverpool and Candy, Newcastle and Newcastle Brown, United and Sharp and for me as a City fan, it's Brother.

  1. MB74    Yo Yo Yo

Liverpool would be Crown Paints for me

  1. John    Yo Yo Yo

Actually shirt sponsors can easily make or break a kit for the fans. Also, length of time with a particular sponsor does not grant teams a “pass” in terms of acceptance from the fans, that includes the past. A crappy logo is a crappy logo. If I had a dollar for everytime someone said they loved a shirt but said it was ruined by the sponsor, I’d have enough to start my own sports apparel company, lol.

  1. The Old Terrier

From one extreme to another . That is a great looking kit .

  1. Dagenham Dave

Nice, clean and simple. It's not just the sponsor on the front now, there's sponsors on the sleeves and on the back of the shirts as well.

I liked the West Ham away shirt without the Betfred sponsor, but it still has the Basset & Gold sponsor on the sleeve, which kinda defeats the point.

  1. The One

FFS, just when I was enjoying myself as a Leeds fan at the AWFUL Paddy Power sponsor on Huddersfield’s kit release.... they go and unveil this absolute stunner.

Masterpiece.. and coming from a Leeds fan you know it must be a good kit.

Still dog botherers though ;-)

  1. Iain

""Town’s crest appears where it traditionally does – above the heart – as a woven badge, with the famous embroidered Umbro logo on the opposite side.""

Actually, the fake design had the crest location correctly over the heart. However, that was the only thing it got right.

  1. BWFC till....

Apologies, I like many criticised the earlier one, I admire the stance you have taken and, by the way, it’s a beautiful shirt too.

  1. Paddy

So the only way that a club like Huddersfield can avoid having a bookie’s logo on their shirt shirt is to be sponsored by a bookie that doesn’t want their logo on there as part of a publicity stunt.

  1. Umbro

Great top. Nice Original take on stripe shirts

  1. fcb1893

Epic troll. Beautiful shirt.

  1. QPRPaul

Awesome classy retro style. Good on Paddy Power and Huddersfield

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