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Leicester City revealed the new 19/20 Away kit by Adidas.

The Away kit for next season is 'true pink' which features four shades of pink and a black trim. The shorts are black with a pink trim and the socks are pink with a black trim.

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View the: Leicester City 2019-20 Adidas Home Kit

View the: Leicester City 2019-20 Adidas Third Kit

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  1. mod-monkey

Germany 1990?

  1. Andy

Take away the German part and it would look superb.

  1. Edward

Wot is it with pink kits ? Football and Cricket .PINK IS A GIRLS COLOUR AND ALWAYS WILL BE !!!!!!!

  1. Dunk    Edward

Have you read their comment? Do you think a light-hearted jibe towards rugby is the same as you being scared of 'girly' colours? Oh dear... Tragic.

I see you imply that a pink kit is down to 'political correctness', i mean, what?! Juventus, Palermo, and Evian, would probably like a word as they've all worn the colour in the men's game from a time before 'political correctness' could be blamed, but hey, you keep on shouting, you big brave boy!

  1. Bob Tinkler    Edward

Being a low contact form of football (it always was) Soccerball is a game better suited to girls.

  1. Natas    Edward

I love how you think a men's football shirt in pink is somehow politically correct. Are girls allowed to play in blue as that's a boys colour? You do know that colours aren't actually gender specific right? They are just colours. And originally boys were in pink and girls in blue and it was all down to manufacturers choosing these colours and then some years later manufacturers swapped them. You don't like pink. Some boys do. Get over yourself

  1. Maykel

Germany 2018 World Cup shirt

  1. Steve

Same old adidas just template shirts can buy same shirt from kit suppilier

  1. deagle

park football template. also, might be being a bit dim, but there's only 2 pink shades, not the 4 as stated in the advertising copy.

  1. Robbo

The 'West Germany stripes' are lost on this shirt and the position of the sponsor spoils them further.

  1. Giggsbhoy75

The King Power logo should have been lower down to leave design clear

  1. Clutton FC

Gross, pink is not a football colour, its for those egg chasing nancy's to wear.

  1. Bob Tinkler    Clutton FC

Well said Kyle. How do you girlyblokes pronounce fu'baw?

  1. tom bola    Clutton FC

Those same egg chasing nancies that hit each other at high speed with impacts akin to low speed car crashes,then get straight back up and carry on rather than rolling around on the deck like someone just cut off their knackers with a rusty hack saw blade? Right.

  1. Daz. Leicester


  1. Fray bentos


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