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Millwall FC and its technical partner Macron revealed The Lions' 19/20 home kit.

The shirt retains it’s traditional blue and has a v-neck collar as well as an optical gradient down the sleeves. The personalised backneck shows the club crest as well as the founding year of the club – 1885.

The Macron Hero is in white on the right side of the chest while on the left, over the heart, is the crest of Millwall FC.

The kit - sponsored by the club's principal partner Huski Chocolate - will be worn by all Millwall teams for home matches and various away fixtures during the upcoming 2019/20 season.

The strip features the iconic Millwall navy on the base of the shirt, with white sleeves sporting navy stripes. The kit is finished off with white shorts and navy socks.

View the: Millwall 2019-20 Macron Away Kit

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  1. Working for the man

I love the lower league sponsorships. So refreshing to see them instead of another betting company.


Fully agree. It's brilliant. And who's going to to argue with them? S'Millwall, innit? Got a problem with that?

  1. Walworth

This Huski sponsorship is very interesting.

The owner is a Swedish billionaire who heard about Millwall after Roy Larner attacked the terrorist at London Bridge shouting 'F**k you, I'm Millwall' when they burst into a pub. He came down to The Den and loved it. Started handing out free hot chocolate at stands around ground and sponsoring the shorts last season. Got two boxes, brought his family and now wants to invest more money into club.

Apparently drives around in a tank! So, fits in quite well.

Also, as football kits are aimed at kids, it's nice to have something like 'HUSKI CHOCOLATE' on one. My little girl loves that idea!

  1. Charlton Anoraks    Terry Hurlock

No! I want to do it....The sponsor suits Millwall - melts very easily, and all gone after Xmas..

  1. Walworth    Charlton Anoraks

That could work if not from a Charlton fan...

The losing side of the most one-sided derby series in English football. That's official BTW.

And possibly the worst cup side of the last 70 years.

  1. Plook    Walworth

Nailed it.

  1. Pat

Another crap shirt!!!!!

  1. Derek

The complexities of the kit become apparent within seconds of viewing it. A clandestine take on tabloid neanderthal views of post communist China would be more relevent. The blue and white closely match garlands from native islanders during the Captain Cook voyages from 1540-1567 to bolster imperialist Britain. The grading of the sock contours inevitably leads to thoughts of Hattie Jacques in a oversized dressing gown, chastising Kenneth Williams for ogling Barbara Windsor's overrated breasts. The badge looks like a sock shoved down the back of a sofa and left there for several years before being discovered just before the sofa was left outside for the binmen to ignore.

  1. Walworth    Derek

The natives of the south Pacific liked their Dundee blue. Interesting.

  1. Fredrik von Essen

This will the last thing you will see before you hit the deck. Left-Right Goodnight. Have ya bastard

  1. William    Fredrik von Essen

What the f**k are you on about ? It's a football kit . Get a sodding life !!!!

  1. Charlton Anoraks    William

Millwall fans dont buy the club shirt anyway, so no-one gives a f888 what it looks like.

  1. Against betting

Well done Millwall, it's great to see a uk football shirt without a crappy addictive betting company sponsoring them. For that alone I hope you get promoted to show them all you don't need to sell your souls to get betting money to succeed.

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