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Wolverhampton Wanderers’ new home kit for the 19/20 Premier League and Europa League campaign has been revealed.

The Adidas kit is the first featuring the club’s new sponsor ManbetX, while CoinDeal remain sleeve sponsors for another campaign in the top tier of English football.

The adidas shirts are made of a specific fabric to absorb moisture from the skin and keep the body dry and fresh until the final whistle, meanwhile the material is 100 percent recycled polyester.

The shorts, which are 86 percent polyester, will feature a Wolves crest on the front right leg and a gold adidas logo on the rear of the left leg, as well as tonal stripes running down the side of both legs.

Finally, the home socks will be black for the first time since 2008 and will feature gold adidas stripes at the top of the Climacool, tech-fit technology socks.

View the: Wolverhampton Wanderers 2019-20 Adidas Away Kit

View the: Wolverhampton Wanderers 2019-20 Adidas Third Kit

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  1. Peter

Standard Adidas design ( Yet again !!!! ) Nevertheless very smart .

  1. Plook

A steaming great pile of bottom dribble.

  1. Plook    Peter

No, don't mind the old Wolves, but the shirt is a honker.

  1. Smeghead    Plook

Bit of a Childish comment to be honest.....

  1. Plook    Smeghead

Duly noted, erm...Smeghead.


Gold socks

  1. Baz

From best kit in the league to one of the worst

  1. Derek

This shirt is basically post communist Russia. A nation of slaves working for a bourgeoisie elitist master painted in gold leaf. The stripes indicate the lines needed to be crossed to escape the populist Junta. The black shorts and socks represent the coal mines of the Siberian tundra and their intrinsic links to the Russian peasants of the late 19th century. The badge look like the squashed poo on a fat man's arse who shat himself on the bus on a hot summers day as he was going to sell some of his Stars Wars figures to another weirdo.

  1. Halloween Jack

Stars wars? Come on Derek you clearly have enough time on your hands to check this sort of thing!

  1. Wool V

A very nice kit ruined by the white/silver part on the sponsor ..ManbetX alone would have been fine.

  1. fcb1893

Beautiful shirt! Solid gold!

  1. Brian

After all the intrigue leading up to the release this is absolutely nothing special. This just proves what I've thought for a ages: football kit manufacturers are running out of ideas, there's nothing unique in the ' new ' designs that we see every year. I've seen far more interesting concept designs done by out there. I dont even know why Wolves insist on describing orange as ' old gold '

  1. Moonblue

Omg lol a premier team with the word tit on the front of the shirt and a childish 50p club crest. What an embarrassment they are to the league.

  1. Moonblue    Smeghead

Whatever Rimmer no one listens to you anyway. By the way I want my curtains back

  1. Smeghead    Moonblue

Obviously you're listening you muppet as you keep answering.....Knobjockey

  1. Swed    Smeghead


  1. Chester

Wow that has to be the worst kit in the entire four divisions, looks like a rusty old shirt. Glad I don't support them it will be embarrassing having that on TVs screens around the world . Letting the premier division down boys

  1. Bully    Chester

Ha ha ha. Nice one.

  1. Chester Consciousness    Chester

Your comment wasn't better and it was offensive due to your lack of respect... if you can't understand that... you're the saddest one here xD

If you don't like... it's okay, but what you did was more than giving an "opinion", it was just a dumb comment by a dumb kid. But it's okay you will grow up someday and realize what I'm saying. No need to rush that xD

  1. Chester    Chester Consciousness

Here we go another touchy Wolves supporter who cannot take any form of criticism.

  1. Dutch

Come on you tangerines, yours kits are getting more and more orange but you keep insisting its gold, lol you such a funny club.

  1. Walt

Yet another premier league club who have sold their soul to a betting company. This has got to stop, its as bad as tobacco advertising and is leading to children betting online. I hope supporters of these clubs send a clear message to stop promoting betting to their young supporters and seek investment in different ways by not buying these kits.


Where the fuck are the sleeves of shite tattoos. You can't tell me they don't have tattooists in the black country.

  1. Pack    Smeghead

You need to grow up young man. Everyone is entitled to their opinions in this world, you are letting yourself and other wolves supporters down with your own comments. Every comment that has been made is about the shirt and even you must admit that this seasons effort is a shocker.

  1. Smeghead    Pack

Stick your shity team and stop making pathetic comments about other's you Dickhead.

  1. pack    Smeghead

Lol you really are showing yourself up now, I support Wolves, are you telling me I cannot comment on my own clubs strip, and are your calling us shitty?

  1. TL

There's some odd yet understandable comments from jealous rival fans. Thanks for your attention ??

  1. Don    TL

I don't see these comments as odd really, every club that has money chucked at them to promote them to a division they should not be in get these comments, Salford and MK Dons to name a few, I don't believe it's jealousy its proper fans that see redicuous money ruining football. Wolves are now in this category so it should not be a surprise to their supporters

  1. TL    Don

Well when you put it like that, it sounds like jealousy.
Since Fosun took over they've invested wisely rather than throwing money up the wall.

  1. Rich Phillips

Wow this has really split opinion and I am somewhere in the middle. Need to think of a talking point....Silver away kit maybe, to avoid the white kit hex ? Can’t see it being the “leaked” black one if home shorts and socks are black.

  1. Wolves eye we    Rich Phillips

Rumour is that it's black with orange/gold shorts and black socks mmmm sexy

  1. WPFC

The state of some of these comments, people are just jealous of how far the club has gone in comparison to theirs... and I'm not even a wolves fan. The kit is alright, sponsor kills it a bit... agree with the people who said just manbetx on it's own would be fine

  1. Smeghead    Barnells

Stop being jealous knobhead barnells

  1. Pack    Smeghead

I really hang my head in shame with his comments I really do

  1. Smeghead    Pack

Twat packs back, jog on Dickhead

  1. West Ender

Mmmmm sexy shirt guys, sponsor spoils it, you should have approached tropicana as it would have looked fantastic

  1. Real Madrid Massive

FFS wolves lol Manbet x. bet there is a 10 minute free preview for all of your supporters, bet you cannot wait lol.

You have to admit you give every football supporter in the uk a laugh each year with your shirt sponsors, isn't about time you move away from standard shirt templates though as you are a prem club?

  1. Sammie    Trustees

Lol I like how he thinks a betting company on the front of the shirt is any better hehehe

  1. Smeghead    Sammie

I like how you lot think porn is accepted in your way of life.....
Fuckin perverts

  1. sammie    Smeghead

Lol you knew what the other guy was referencing when talking about a 10 minute preview lol, maybe your not so innocent lol pervert

  1. Harry sacks

Smart as fuck

  1. Wanderer    Harry sacks

mmm Harry I think you may need to visit an optician soon as I think your vision maybe faltering, that sir is a shockingly bad football shirt I would even go as far as saying forest green rovers home shirt is better then this


Someone in Bilston has a football shirt shaped hole in their curtains.

  1. Monksbrotherhood    Smeghead

This guy is an utter disgrace, stop making wolves supporters look like idiots for crying out loud, the shirt is bad admit it and move on and enjoy your life

  1. Smeghead    Monksbrotherhood

? fuck you

  1. Harry    Smeghead

Nice show how intelligent you really are, you only want to hear nice comments about your kit so you and read them and jizz yourself on how everyone thinks your great and how much better your kit is compared to everyone else's. Bet this has really upset you

  1. Dunders

The players faces say it all wtf am I wearing .

  1. Bert

Man, Bet. Kiss

Isn't this subliminal advertising?

  1. Nasgo

Worst kit of the 19/20 season goes to Wolves

  1. Smeghead    Nasgo

Nasgo, grow up you fuckin moron....

  1. Justin    Smeghead

You really are making yourself look like a real idiot now. You need to give it a rest.

  1. Terry Hurlock

Who is this 'Smeghead' cretin? You, me old mucker, have opined quite frequently on this post without actually having had anything whatsoever to contribute. Anyone can troll because unfortunately, in our society, it is much easier to insult someone than it is to praise them, which in itself shows a distinct lack of social etiquette. Feel free to compose a critique, however scathing or complimentary to the shirt, otherwise, fuck off.

  1. West Brom forever

All I see is This Smeghead is just Defending his Team (Wolves) and the the criticism towards them.....
Yes he's hasn't come across very well with some of his comments and swearing but he has a right to say what he likes weather offensive or not.
Alot of you on Matchday after a few pints on the terraces have probably said a lot worse towards the opposite team and Ref......

  1. Nuno's barmy army

Yes guys, you come on here making comments about another teams Shirts, Slagging it off think it's funny to do so but as soon as Smeghead has a go at what you're doing you don't like it and have a go back.......
If you don't like what he has to say then don't come on here making silly Comment to start with......
I'm with you Smeghead, Bloody idiots.!!!


Sorry I completely disagree, people have come on here to comment about the shirts, a lot of wolves and other supporters have commented that this is a bad wolves shirt, as a few others have said there is no excuse to slag people off as they are entitled to their views but what I do not find acceptable is the swearing and name calling, Smeghead is well out of order and so are a few others. I have reviewed other team shirts on this site and I no other set of supporters are attacking others because of there comments. I think their are a group of supporters here that need to take a long hard look at themselves and think about what they are saying.


No bothered what you think pal, I'm stick with my Fellow Wolves Fan.


Lol guess what pal, I'm not bothered what you or your wolves friend thinks either. When fans react they way yours have over a few criticisms over their shirt it show what type of club you are.

  1. Gravy4

Calm down everyone. By the time this discussion ends, we'll have moved on to Wolves' 2020/21 shirt anyway.

  1. King kong

Cannot wait for the away shirt to be announced as this has been hilarious. Keep it up

  1. Plook

Still think it's a steaming great pile of bottom dribble.


I like this, looks better in full body view than close up but it's not as bad as some are saying.

The Norwich kit is far worse.

  1. WV14

Don't mind the look of the design in the fabric but the two tone gold colour around the collar and badge looks a bit off. Strange that they've changed the shade again, you'd think Fosun would have wanted the same shade at last seasons kit.

  1. Togga2112

Such a simple colour combination but Wolves manage to fook it up. In all fairness it could the horrific looking sponsor logo. Take that away and it would be fine. Looks a bit like the old Manders one from the 80s


I don't like it. Promised to buy my son the new kit for his birthday but wont be buying this. Yuk, design wise just too much going on, how many logos, large sponsor text, croc skin texture [okay that's my interpretation]. I'll buy a concept kit instead, he'll thank me for it.

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