Everton Football Club has unveiled its new home kit from technical partner hummel – fusing innovative, environmentally-responsible production methods with a design incorporating the Club’s iconic Z-Cars anthem.

The new 2020/21 home kit will include hummel’s iconic chevrons across the shoulders and sleeves of Everton’s famous royal blue jersey for the first time.

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The kit pays tribute to the Club’s iconic Z-Cars anthem with an image of the song’s soundbar expanded and embossed diagonally across the shirt. Finished with slick blue and white piping on the sleeves and a round neckline, the look of the shirt is clean and minimalist.

The traditional white shorts feature the hummel chevrons in blue contrast on the outer leg. The kit is completed with white socks complementing the rest of the strip with blue chevron detail on the front.

As part of the Everton for Change initiative – the Club’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and raising environmental awareness and sustainability – all of Everton’s home, away and third kits for the 2020/21 season will take advantage of hummel’s ZEROH2O dry-dye technology.

This ground-breaking technology ensures there is zero water consumption, zero wastewater and a 50% reduction in energy consumption during the production process. This means that the 25 litres of fresh clean water normally required to dye just one single shirt is saved for each jersey produced.

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  1. Ken Dall

BORING . A blue tee shirt . What the f##k is all that sales rubish about ? Saving the the planet and even more ridiculous the Z- cars theme supposed conection !!! That really will convince people to waste £50+ to buy one .

  1. Arthur    Tron_Beast

Again missing the point . Save the planet by all means , but what's that got to do with releasing a football kit ? In fact the more they sell the worse the situation. Get a life you sad moron . Bet you're a veggie .

  1. Tron_Beast    Arthur

Haha! As if calling someone a veggie is supposed to be insulting! Everton sell around 80000 shirts a season globally. Based on 25l of water per shirt, thats 2million litres of fresh water saved each season.
Football and all of its associated bits and Bob's (travel, equipment manufacture, stadium infrastructure) is massively damaging to the environment. Surely one kit manufacturer doing their bit is a good thing.

TLDR: I'm clearly not a moron and the kit release is aimed at reducing their impact.

  1. Arthur    Tron_Beast

Firstly . Why did you assume inquiring if you are a veggie is insulting ? Notice you didn't actually answer one way or another . Hope your quest to save the planet is a great success . By the way all the bits and Bobs do actually help the economy or is that fact beyond your intelligence ?

  1. Bob24

I was expecting to see the words to the Z-Cars theme on it!

  1. Toffee

Basically a rangers shirt. Humph

  1. cgull    Toffee

Rangers use castore shirts

  1. The Socialist

A mediocre shirt for a mediocre club.....what can you expect from the good ol' Bitters & Twisted!

  1. nye bevan    The Socialist

There's nothing socialist about Liverpool FC mate.

  1. RMH    The Socialist

Get a life you bad little nonce.


Very bland , and I agree about all this techno nonsense it's like Rangers with their collar that is designed to enhance movement , bollocks ,all the fans want is a classy good looking shirt and this ain't it

  1. Tron_Beast

Nothing special but certainly not deserving of the comments above. Good to see the ethical approach in its design and the new direction the club have gone in terms of sponsorship too.

  1. Indie

Save the environment make the kit last for more than one season.

  1. CogU    Indie

And that Sir is the best comment made here

  1. Tron_Beast    Indie

Fair point!

  1. Heathy    Indie

Correct. Or better still, they could just fingerpaint the kits on each match day using blackcurrant juice and yoghurt. The fans could buy the ingredients to provide their support. Environmental, healthy and tasty. Moan the Toffees!

  1. Frank Sidebottom

The shirt is dull but the 25 litres of fresh clean water normally required to dye just one single shirt is an eye opener.

  1. Noco71

Classy first effort from Hummel.

  1. UTB Juninho

Boro fan here. Love it. Classy shirt!!

  1. royle    UTB Juninho

Who gives a fk ..

  1. Scott

Its plain because that is the traditional kit colour scheme. They could have maybe done a retro collar(eg 1987) but it's not a kit you can change much without upsetting fans. If it had a yellow zigzag down the middle it would be welcomed by a minority but hated by the majority. I prefer a plain, traditional shirt compared to the 'updated' versions like the new Inter Milan shirt, which is a monstrosity. But I'm over 40.

  1. Big Dunc

This is nice. Everton have had a couple of recent howlers, so although this one isn't world-changing, it's certainly pleasing to the eye.

  1. Far Acre

Bit bland, but that is what works. Everton have produced a half-decent shirt here.

  1. YYZ

A simple plain good looking top.

  1. Colin Harvey

Winning their first ever EPL title in this kit would make up for its not so creative design.

  1. MG Aby

Cracking top from Everton here. Without a Teal collar in sight ?

  1. punk tains

seen a lot better and worse

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