Manchester City revealed their new 2020/2021 Home kit by Puma which pays tribute to Manchester’s iconic mosaics.

The pattern of the Home jersey, which will be worn by the club's men’s women and youth teams, has been inspired by the famous mosaics located in the creative hub of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

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And it pays homage to a city brimming with football and creativity.

Art, industry, football, music, fashion, noise, and colour are all woven into Manchester’s DNA and the mosaics displayed are a celebration of the city’s proud and diverse culture.

The new Manchester City Home jersey features the mosaic pattern in classic City blue and white, with navy trim. The kit is completed with white shorts and light blue socks.

Mosaics have also been an important part of Manchester City’s proud history, stretching back almost 100 years to when the original City mosaic first adorned the gates of former Maine Road home.

View the: Manchester City 2020-21 Away Kit

View the: Manchester City 2020-21 Third Kit

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  1. Ruud Mullet

It would have been more appropriate if the shirt featured the Stockport viaduct

  1. 1878    Ruud Mullet

or the chorley roundabour

  1. Blackpool Tower

Quite liking this, glad the purples away.

  1. Colin

Is that the same mosaic pattern that is inspired Man United's beige , sorry savannah change kit this season ? What a load of sales c##p . Certainly convinced me to buy a tee shirt with a shit pattern on it at at £50+ !!!

  1. BigManBigginton    Colin

Thanks for censoring yourself Colin. I really appreciate that.

  1. Hot Dave


  1. BigManBiggington

Reminds me a bit of a swimming pool. I haven’t been swimming for a long while. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with my body, I just feel a little self conscious about my body. I know it’s silly and I’m working to get over it, hopefully one day I will be able to go. By the way, is it possible to redo any swimming lessons at 43? I never got to level 11 cos my instructor said I couldn’t do my feet on breaststroke properly. I mean really is that enough to not let a man through to level 11? Who the hell does she think she is? God I need a drink

Anyway, decent looking kit, looks a little like a swimming pool

  1. Wiggum    BigManBiggington


  1. Vrienden Kits

Mom, i has broken a glass. Now I add the Puma, Man City and Etihad logos and ready! The new home kit of Manchester Ciyt

  1. Vrienden Kits    Vrienden Kits

Reply for:

window, not glass ok

  1. Teasy Weasy

City should be consistently among the best home shirt every season but sadly this is a crock of shit

  1. thani is a wahabi

Mancitys kits all look the same ... bland

  1. Bargainbasement

Every year, without fail, we always get the usual sales BS about the new shirt's design "paying tribute to the iconic blah blah blah for which the city is famous for....." Does anyone but trendy graphic designers with thick black glasses seriously fall for this vacuous rubbish????

I'm waiting for a grey, yellow and green kit which "is a respectful nod" to the wet streets and scattered piles of vomit on them on a late Friday night "which the city is famous for".....

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