Manchester City revealed their new Third Kit for the 2020-21 season to be worn by the men’s, women’s and youth teams.

The new Manchester City Third Kit celebrates the rich music and fashion culture of the city by creating a bespoke paisley pattern that features details of the club’s crest. The pattern is synonymous with artists from the ‘Mod’ and the ‘Brit Pop’ eras of the 1990’s and was a staple of youth fashion in the 1960’s, influencing fashion and music culture in Manchester for generations.

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“For the City Third Kit we looked at cultural influences from Manchester that have impacted the world," said David Bremond, Head of Product Line Management Teamsport Licensed at PUMA. "Manchester is a city recognised globally for its football and its music scene, so for this special jersey we have designed a one-off, exclusive paisley pattern on the jersey. For the design we have utilised the rose and the three rivers from the club’s crest to create this unique jersey at the junction of football, music and fashion."

View the: Manchester City 2020-21 Home Kit

View the: Manchester City 2020-21 Away Kit

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  1. RED161

no idea what a Paisley pattern has to do with 89 90 indie scene .....tbf that top looks more like an old womans nightgown...
Fkin Dreadful.

  1. Tony

That really is bad.Sorry for the fans and players who will wear thiis.

  1. Noel G

A fucking Masterpiece

  1. LG.x    Noel G

Give it a rest r kid, text Mam back, I'm sick of making all the effort.

  1. Redche

Absolutely horrendous....this is the epitome of most modern strips.....a pile of steaming dog shite!

  1. Templeton

I like "different" kits, but this is horrendous.
Last season's "Haçienda" kit was spot on, this paisley one is poop.

  1. Sir Butteo

It is what it is. A third kit and a fashion accessory. The rationale is absolute garbage

  1. It333

I like City, but "what kind of shit is that"?

  1. Tord Grip

This is the worst thing I've ever seen. Music scene? Just put a pic of f**kin' Bez on the shirt or something, anything but this. I'd be embarrassed for a 10 year old girl if she had a clothes with this patterning on it, let alone a grown adult's sports jersey.

  1. KonyoWest

Messi saw this and decided he'd rather stay at Barca.

  1. BaddersTUFC

“For the City Third Kit we looked at cultural influences from Manchester that have impacted the world," said David Bremond, Head of Product Line Management Teamsport Licensed at PUMA..."and then we completely ignored them and came up with this monstrosity."

  1. Ruud Mullet

That looks like a bad acid trip.

  1. R Liam mam

Very 67 / 68ish when we won the league, aright!

  1. Coleman's crossed balls

I remember that era, just. Before your time.

  1. Der K


  1. punk tains

The design does not work with the weak neck on the shirt, it needs a solid collar

  1. Lutz

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, ....
looks like a jumpsuit for a 2 years old child

  1. Paul Gallagher.

Love it. People don't get the idea of a third kit, it's supposed to be nuts. I'm a fan.

And Noel and Liam, get yours shit together for the sake of teh family!

  1. LG.x    Paul Gallagher.

Get back to DJing r kid, you'll always be the best musician in the family. Agree with you, third kit and it's bloody lovely, can't wait to wear mine in the sunshiiiiiiine

  1. David L

Absolutely dreadful. It's up there with last season's Battenburg effort for worst away kit.

  1. 88milesperhour

I’ve sneezed out better looking stuff than that

  1. Postman Pat

Can't imagine even St Mirren stooping to wear this shit

  1. Giles Park

Utter horse shit - that is the shirt and the rubbish from the City PR/Marketing team.

  1. Abraham Mos Sheikh

This from mcr's 2nd club is as bad as Chelsea third kit.
Truly awful both.

  1. Pete JF


  1. Liam G

Mad for it. As you were LG x

  1. LGx

Its like a champagne supernova in the skyyyy

  1. Goncho

the coronavirus has taken possession of the shirt...

  1. ClydeIron

Looks like my nan’s old curtains

  1. Dave

Looks like a table cloth.

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