West Bromwich Albion unveiled their new third kit for the 20/21 Premier League campaign – completing a 1992/93-inspired trilogy.

The red-and-yellow striped kit is the final strip to be revealed from the Club’s three barcode designs worn during the promotion-winning campaign of 27 years ago.

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The home and away kits, which were released last month, have been selling at a record rate and the Club is delighted fans can now complete the set with a hat-trick of barcode strips ahead of the new Premier League season.

View the: West Bromwich Albion 2020-21 Home Kit

View the: West Bromwich Albion 2020-21 Away Kit

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  1. Troy Deanie 4XL

Would make a great Watford kit ...
Nice template , heard its bespoke.

  1. Fabian Regis

Fruit Salad kit ..especially with those cerise boots

  1. Neil

Love all 3 of our kits this coming season , but it is a complete rip off to have yellow and green as away kit and then yellow and red in the same design as a third kit . Purely done for commercial reasons . Wonder how many times it will be worn , probably just once to justify its existence !!!

  1. Davide    Tim nice but possibly dim ?

I mean that if they’d have announced this kit as the away, and the yellow and green as third, they’d have had more reason to use all three kits as many teams have red in the first choice colours.

  1. Paul M    Neil

Granted there is a commercial benifit for the club but I think they are also focused on history and nostalgia. The 92/93 promotion season was great, and during that season we had the three barcode kits. I think it's unfair to suggest that the club are ripping fans off.... if you don't agree with it then don't purchase one it's as simple as that.

  1. Scrooge    Paul M

What I think Neil might be saying is would someone buy 3 kits all the same design and 2 of those yellow whereas a different design may persuade a fan to purchase all 3 instead . I know it's personal choice as to whether you buy one at all , but clubs would no doubt sell more if there was a bit of variation in the product .

  1. Old Sod

Really like the barcode kits . Nice for a change to usual stripes and will always go back to them in future . My memory isn't great , can someone please tell me did we have yellow and green version the same season as the yellow and red . I thought it was separate ( May be wrong ).

  1. Nath

Like the barcode design, but not sure about red and yellow as a third kit for WBA.

  1. Hot Dave

Truly awful. Why they wanted to revisit this monstrosity of a design is beyond me. As the old saying goes, those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.

  1. Old Sod    Hot Dave

Notice you make loads of comments on this site . Who do you actually support ?

  1. Hot Dave    Old Sod

I support Football.
(And Hartlepool United)

  1. Socrates    Hot Dave

That might explain the misery that infuses your outlook on things.

  1. greedleaguesucks

Total ripoff with no other justification than greed.
Boing boing bag o shite.

  1. CK

West Brom channeling their inner Hulk Hogan.

  1. Ruud Mullet

Having this and a yellow and green away kit seems like a cruel joke on colourblind people.

  1. 90s kid

Chupa Chups!!!!

  1. Ron Harris

You need to wear a condom over your eyes to look at this kit.

A wonderfully intentional piece of visual brutality.

It's like if Graeme Souness and Kenny Burns had a lovechild, and that lovechild was a football kit.

  1. Rhubarbtrianglulist

The designer is obviously not a baggies fan. I reckon he/she is from the Rhubarb triangle.

  1. Graeme

It’s good but at first glance I expected to see Roy Race wearing it.

  1. PNH    Graeme

I was trying to think what it reminded me of ?

  1. David L

West Brom's third kit taking it's inspiration from Melchester Rovers. Haha!!!

  1. Tipton skin

Baggies fans in the away end will certainly stand out with those colours on

  1. BaddersTUFC

Not only are the three barcodes kits all a horrific design, the red and yellow version is completely unnecessary when they have a yellow and green one.

And to remember a season from 27 years ago as though it is some glory season when in fact they were scraping past Port Vale in the play-offs of the third division. For a club of WBA’s stature, they have far more prestigious events to remember and with probably more stylish kits as well.

  1. dex1lsp

What the HELL is this Ronald McDonald clown costume?!?

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