Wolverhampton Wanderers and Adidas revealed their new Away kit for the 20/21 season.

This Wolves Away shirt is made from moisture-absorbing AEROREADY fabric, displaying a ribbed V-neck navy collar, white sleeves and two-tone cuffs, featuring Wolves old gold.

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White shorts show the Wolves crest on the right leg, a gold adidas logo on the left and navy adidas stripes running down the side of both legs.

View the: Wolverhampton Wanderers 2020-21 Home Kit

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  1. Ree

Another perfectly acceptable shirt ruined by a dumb pattern in an incongruous colour.

  1. andrew

I'm sorry Wolves fans

  1. TWR

Has absolutely nothing to do with Wolves. But it will be sought after in years to come by football shirt collectors. Crazy shirt.

  1. cosmicted

The red and yellow bar-code is looking good compared tot this.
Wo1ve5 going down. Boing Boing.............!

  1. cosmicted    cosmicted

Margaret Thatcher,, Stevie Bull John Richards, Derek Dougan, Billy Wright., Nuno Esperinto Santo
Wo1ve5, You boys took and will take a hell of a beating. again


  1. Blobby21    cosmicted

Calm down Yo-Yo club, you’ll be back down before you know it. Truly so boring and inevitable.

Boing boing..... boring boing zzzzzz

  1. cosmicted    Blobby21

Yo Yo my Ar$e You'll be back in the 4th in no time were you belong Matey Boy.

Bore oFF

  1. Mr Kumar

Who on earth thought that up ? I know Wolves wear black and gold , but that trim is ridiculous . It's bad enough without the cuff detail . Fortunately for Wolves fans their kit doesn't clash with many so won't have to wear it much . Let's hope inevitable 3rd kit is better .

  1. Zac Dingle    Mr Kumar

3rd kit is navy and white !!!

  1. Mill67

I wondered what happened to the old rag I clean my paintbrush with, looks like the relegation favourites Wolves have used it to create a cheap and nasty kit

  1. SkyeBaggie

Should have the old Mander sponsor logo for this painters dust sheet!!!!

  1. Togga2112

Jesus wept. Looks like someone’s wearing an apron over a white shirt. That’s truly awful.

  1. Bob24


  1. Paul R

The Horror.
The Horror.

  1. Bart

The only consolation for the fact this kit exists is Wolves primary kit doesn't clash with any side in the Premier League. Perhaps they can make it the whole season without wearing it.

  1. FootballFan    Bart

That’s not how it works. They’ll be contractually obliged to wear it a certain amount of times during the season, regardless of a lack of kit clashes

  1. Mr Kumar    Bart

Er , Think that has already been pointed out . See my earlier post .

  1. j.futuristic

My God, this kit is total shit

  1. Simon Cowell

I don’t like it..... I LOVE IT...!

  1. Lutz

Oh dear, Oh dear, - who can top this??? ?

  1. anonymous

What is this atrocity? It's either the pattern removed or make them full all over. Whoever design this needs a design reality check.

  1. It333


  1. Get Shirty

It's Shit


shame really should of kept it all white with the trim then they might of had big sales on this shirt BIG loss

  1. SwanseaCity4Life

I thought our away kit was bad, but this... I feel so bad for Wolves fans. This is possibly the worst kit of the year so far. ??

  1. Sweaty Jim    SwanseaCity4Life

It's the worst kit of all time.

  1. Pete JF

Is this a wind up?

  1. Jesus Wept.

The moment football kit design finally vanished up its own arse, never to return...


Take out the Wolves gold on the trim a and you have a crackin Argy kit, no?

  1. Silverback Matelot

Absolutely awful. Feel sorry for Wolves fans. Probably a collector's item in a few years.

  1. Jethro

What stupid kitchen

  1. FitPat

That’s one way to use up old fabric going dusty in the factory

  1. Jimmy

That'll look great on a fat **** from Whitmore Reans!!

Jaysus wept

  1. Jimmy

Who's the sponsor?

Man fat??

  1. dex1lsp

This is one of the worst things I have ever seen, and I've seen some shit in my lifetime.

  1. Tipton skin

Who in their right mind would seriously consider parting with forty odd notes to buy that!....you’d be a laughing stock!.

  1. Ferg

Pray for Wolves fans

  1. Mud B

Someone spilt blue paint on the German national shirt.

  1. Paddy Mac

Not so much Stevie Bull as Terry Bull!

  1. Ruud Mullet

There have been some awful kits released this summer. This might be the worst of the lot.

  1. Jeff Bolam(Aramark)

By far the worst kit so far

  1. Helio

What kind of shite is this?

  1. Mr Bean

Genuinely like the pattern in the main body of the shirt, same as with the Arsenal shirt. Think it looks smart. My issue is this disgusting new template adidas keep using, so with this shirt it literally looks like they've mashed the shoulders of one shirt with the body of another, and made no attempt to blend them together. Could've been decent...

  1. partofkev

Which color do you want? - Yes

  1. ClydeIron

I feel bad for Wolves’ fans. That is genuinely shocking.

  1. LEB

Mum...I left the lid of my highlighter in my kit bag.

  1. Jasper

laughing at the Dingles again

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