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Chelsea revealed their new home kit by Nike for the 21/22 season.

Chelsea’s 21-22 home kit, made with 100 percent recycled polyester fabric, is inspired by the abstract, kaleidoscopic designs of optical art.

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This season’s kit features a bright, vibrant blue with hints of yellow cutting down the sidetape and Swoosh. The print continues onto the shorts, and the socks include a sleek yellow and blue trim. A yellow “CFC” is knitted into the back neck.

The 2021/22 Chelsea home kit will be worn for the first time by the men’s team on 15 May in the Cup final followed by the women’s team in the Champions League final on 16 May.

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Comments (33)

  1. G


  1. wall4life    G

It's a Chelsea shirt, so it would do all that anyway.

You forgot "intense nausea" by the way.

  1. John Douglas

Disgusting!......Thank god my club doesn't have Nike for technical partners.

  1. UTD-MAD

Wow! Just so so bad! ?

  1. Chris

Embarrassing. Who thought this was a good idea?

  1. Royal-Blue Bill

Dreadful! I hope my kids don't want it!

  1. Bull74

They could wear that in the CL final as happens with some clubs ???

  1. Royal-Blue Bill    Bull74

Apparently its going to be worn in FA Cup and CL Final

  1. LTFC 1885

Very befitting of one of the clubs involved in the ESL debacle!! Joke of a shirt for a joke of a club.

  1. Ali D

Damn they really fuck*d up the shirt??

  1. Rob

It looks like the stuff you doodle on paper while you're on hold on the phone for ages.

  1. Steviemick    Rob

''inspired by the abstract, kaleidoscopic designs of optical art.''

Yes, but why ?????

  1. Steviemick    Rob

Sorry Rob

I intended adding that I thought you'd nailed it with that

and not just quote you with some random unconnected comment.

  1. YYZ

The Chelsea home kits have seriously deteriorated with Nike since the first 2 kits. Appalling.

  1. GersFan1872
  1. It333

Too much!

  1. Brian

There is absolutely nothing to like about this shirt! Fancy being a professional athlete and being mistaken for a clown!

  1. to the forest

Terrible mish mash of a shirt

  1. Summer Sun.

Possibly the worst shirt ever, especially with the ugliest of all sponsors. Vile.

  1. Blu

I think it’s great.

  1. Itzu

I thought it might work at some level when seen in action, after all the designers are professional, right? Hell no, as seen in the FA final that pattern is simply awful, completely unrelated to the club's history, and just a gimmick for the brand. One of the worst designs ever. Still, it might go well in the Chinese market, where many 'supporters' like tacky flashy designs ...

  1. Davey

Another disappointment along with the 2020-21 third kit

  1. T-Bone


  1. Claude Makelele

It get even worse when you realise the hideous pattern is also on the shorts ?

  1. Trousers

Leave. The. Photoshop. Filters. Alone.

  1. CFC_Jay

Awful. You can experiment with horrid patterns on away shirts and third shirts, but you keep it traditional with the home. Poor effort!

  1. Pete JF

Daring stuff, I think this is good.

  1. Dan

Is this the first attempt to try and confuse VAR with all the different patterns and lines?

  1. Dr Who

‘Good lord, K9... The tardis has shrunk!’

  1. Gaz

Liverpool: We don't think you'll see a more awful home kit than ours!
Chelsea: Wanna bet?

  1. wall4life

Is this Nike's idea of a joke? Or are the design team all Spurs fans?

  1. Spaz

Nike win this year's shittest designed kits of the year for 25th straight year ...

  1. Mandingo

Nike needs to sack their entire design team.

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