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SC Freiburg will wear a special shirt in this weekend’s Bundesliga clash against Mainz in appreciation of the commitment and dedication of members of the Freiburg football school supporters’ association.

The red shirt features the names of 475 members of the Freiburg football school supporters’ association. SC and the association are fulfilling the pledge made in the “Your name on our shirt” campaign in the 2018/19 season that aimed to recruit more members for the supporters’ association.

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Turkish club football giants Galatasaray have a fascinating kit history, having worn all of the traditional “big four” of football design - adidas, Nike, Puma and Umbro - but what if they had consistently been part of the three-striped stable for the last forty years plus?

Emre Gultekin - an apparel, sportswear and graphic designer with impressive professional club kit credits - has explored this possibility with a gallery of adidas Gala kits stretching from 1978 to 2020.

Austin FC, the 27th Club in Major League Soccer (MLS), has unveiled its first-ever primary jersey ahead of the Club’s inaugural season in 2021.

Austin FC’s signature verde and black identity is prominently established in a vertical stripe pattern. The pattern is a reinforcement of the two intertwined oak trees featured within the Club crest -- representing the Club and the City -- which grow stronger together.

These Puma Ultra 1.2 FG/AG Speed of Light football boots feature a lightweight, speed-focused design with an ultra-fast outsole inspired by running spikes.

Built for uncatchable speed, PUMA Ultra 1.2 FG/AG football boots boast a lightweight MATRYXEVO woven upper that reacts to your movement, with aramid fibres and carbon yarns providing extra support when you sprint forwards to max out your acceleration.

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Western United's home and away kits for the 2020-21 A-League season have been revealed.

The home kit features the green and black stripes seen in the Club's inaugural year, giving a bold, proud look that is connected to the traditional roots of football.

Based on the very first design used by the club in 1884, this Derby County shirt designed by ONI has brown and light blue halves with an Umbro-inspired double diamond pattern and an amber stripe in the middle.

The sleeves are brown with light blue and amber accents.