Daily Mail reports that Fabio Capello has signed a long-term six-figure deal as an Umbro ambassador.

The Italian has agreed the Umbro deal on top of his 6 million pound a year deal with the F.A. and meant he wore kit and boots by the sports manufacturer throughout last week’s international get-together, during which he insisted his squad always wore their Umbro branded leisure clothing while on England duty.

It is highly surprising that Capello has cut his close ties with Italian sportswear firm Diadora, for whom he was a lifetime ambassador along with Roberto Baggio and Pierluigi Collina.

Capello had made it clear when negotiating for the England job that he wanted to retain his leisurewear and boots contract with Diadora, but since Umbro have been taken over by Nike, Daily Mail speculates that their financial power may have swayed Capello’s decision.


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  1. fsc

It makes sense to have the head coach in the same kit as the players and at least its an English brand albeit owned by the yanks !

  1. fsc

Truly the world and football have gone mad.Bad enough players getting paid just to wear a particular brand of boot but now managers as well,getting paid to wear certain leisure items!!!Ohh,Capello wears umbro...must rush out and buy the latest expensive clobber he wears,not.The same for any player or manager.<br />Have you ever bought something because someone else wears it?<br />I have\'nt and never will.

  1. Anthony Jude Aggabao

HOw will he promote it other than a commercial?<br />Will he wear it alongside his coat and tie because thats what he wears every match?<br />He might use it in the training ground but its unlikely that he\'ll use it when its match time.

  1. danwho

I thought Sven was the money-making Midas-touch manager but Capello\'s a genius!!! B) <br /><br />I think Umbro would be better off employing better designers or at least allowing their current designers more scope than signing up a manager (no matter how good). I can see this trend happening and cannot wait to see the headline \"Vandanel sign up Faroe Island\'s manager\'s physiotherapist\'s second cousin!\" :woohoo: :P ;-) :cheer: :evil:

  1. Matthew Wilkinson

Well done Umbro, some of that cash should have gone towards getting new boots shirts and other stuff developed, and keeping Independiente (with seven Copa Libertadores wins and 16 league titles, prehaps the biggest club name on their roster and now with puma, who have given them a bog standard template) on their roster, and develop bespoke shirts for all the teams on their books, like they did in the nineties.

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