Nike V is for Victory campaign for a new line of Nike Chevron Eugene jackets.

Ripped from the archives, the Nike Eugene Men's Track Jacket is an enduring design that has been updated to accommodate both technological needs and environmental sustainability.

This colourful advertising campaign features some of Nike's football players; Cesc Fabregas, Joe Cole, Andrei Arshavin and Didier Drogba. Photographs by Rankin









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  1. fsc

that is a good place 2 put the V on manutd\'s kit next season..

  1. fsc

Loving the new retro gear, saw England and France in the six nations with them on and i liked them then. Can\'t wait to see if the new Nike kits are in similar style. Hope they have the old school Nike logo just like on the tracksuit tops.<br />And also, Im liking the photo shoot with the players and the blue dust (stuff!), not so sure about the very gay (Drogba) posing like a chinese tourist.

  1. Jay

Hey homophobia and racism in one post, LU3Y! Kudos, of sorts.<br /><br />Joe Cole looks badass. Well played. <br /><br />Yeah, ties in nicely with the new Man United kit being released. Does this mean they may do away with \"Nike\"-less Swooshes next season?

  1. Paul - curswine

They\'ve not considered the British market where the V sign means something totally different on one side of the hand compared to the other. The rest of the world is a different market after all though.

  1. fsc

Cheers! i try do my best! (Y)<br /><br />And i bloody hope they do away with \"Nike-less\" swooshes, it adds a bit of class to it.<br />Adidas should do the same and bring back the Original Trefoil logo now that would just be amazing!

  1. fsc

Watch the film clip curswine.... then you might see what he was trying to get at by using both of the \"V\" signs.

  1. Francesco

V is for BRESCIA !

  1. fsc

Any one know what the song in the first half is?

  1. fsc

anyone know what the song in the background of the first half of the commercial is?

  1. Paul - curswine

Well ok you got me there I only watch the first minute then got bored.<br /><br />I watched it all the way through the second time. Still not sure how doing it towards a camera will \'reclaim\' it. Half the British population will just see a poster of a sportstar promoting Nike with their fingers up and think \"Why are they doing that? Are they trying to offend customers?\" without bothering to read to much into it, like they want people to. Some wont care, there are very little people who will actually read the garbage they attach to ad campaigns.

  1. fsc

That\'ll be a rip off of the retro Adidas kit idea which has been around for a while then.

  1. Harun

Now we know how United\'s home shirt will look like.

  1. fsc

That band (Go Back To the Zoo) is great, its a shame they only play in Holland

  1. fsc

@ Curswine.<br />Winston Churchill used the two-finger salute in WW2 so some childish people may think they\'re swearing at them but it is supposed to be V for Victory.

  1. fsc

So, when will they be available for purchase... ?

  1. fsc

New promotions are meant to be different so if they cause different views or a bit of controversy then thats a good thing because the more people will hear about it.<br />In my view i think its clever and only the immature people on this planet will think the \"V\" sign is just for that.<br />Good call on the Winston Churchill WW2 ScottWALES.<br />That also proves a point of using the \"V\" sign for victory.<br />But it all down to Nike trying something different and thats what there doing and i think its clever and works.

  1. fsc

Ive seen Man U\'s new shirts with my own eyes. Home is red with a black chevron and away is black with a blue one. They look just like this new little promo Nike has going.

  1. fsc

really like that song :woohoo:

  1. fsc

V For Velez Sarsfield

  1. Guest

great shirts and great presentation 8/10

  1. Moreno Kundert

nice shirts, well done!

  1. fsc

v for vagine!!!

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