On the eve of the 2006 World Cup, The Royle Family’s Ricky Tomlinson gets off the sofa and embarks on a fascinating quest to track down the most famous shirts in English sporting history.

Four hundred million people watched spellbound on July 30th 1966 as, in the final moments of extra time, Geoff Hurst powered home his third goal to give England a 4-2 victory against Germany in the World Cup final.

As Beckham and the boys set out to replicate this awe-inspiring moment 40 years later, what has become of Bobby Moore’s heroic team and their famous shirts?

In this exclusive new UKTV show, football fanatic Tomlinson packs his kit bag and goes off in search of the ten iconic red shirts - plus Gordon Bank’s yellow keeper’s jersey - that were worn on that famous summer afternoon.

The whereabouts of some are unknown, but undaunted by the sheer scale of the operation, Ricky determines to locate them all.

A football memorabilia collector, Gordon Miceno, claims to own the shirts belonging to Geoff Hurst and Roger Hunt. Will a DNA test prove otherwise?

Alan Ball swapped his shirt with Nobby Stiles. Nobby still has Alan’s, but Alan’s father traded Nobby’s for a colour TV! Can Ricky find it?

In an unprecedented coup, Ricky also attempts to stage an exclusive reunion of the team of ’66 and a recreation of the official pre-match photograph with all the surviving members in their original shirts for the first time since July 30th 1966!

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BOB's view:

UKTV, the satelitte television channel in the UK, has just completed a six part series where Ricky Tomlinson (aka Jim Royle and Mike Bassett) looks for the whereabouts of the shirts that the 1966 team wore in the World Cup final.

Apart from 'Lost' and World Cup Finals itself this has been the best programme on telly this last month. If you like this site, , and if you haven't seen it yet, you MUST watch it.

All 10 living players are individually interviewed,and most of the shirts are located.

The programme also reviews the '66 competition with the players, which is worthy of watching aside from the diversion of looking for the shirts, but actually the shirt hunt does throw up some great stories that I've never heard before in relation to the team.

The personal highlight for me was the interview with '66 squad player, and non-finalist, Ian Callaghan (Liverpool), who said it was him who had Nobby Stiles (Man U) teeth in his pocket and couldn't get to him before the celebrations began. He would have made history so much duller if he had!

Sir Bobby Charlton sounded almost upset that his shirt had been thrown away by Uwe Seeler (HSV) at the end of his career.
Made all the more upsetting by the fact that he had looked after Uwe's so carefully!

The programme seemed to be responsible for turning up George Cohen's shirt, which was a bit moth-eaten and had been in a box in Lothar Emmerich's loft.

Lother died in 2003, so his son showed the shirt as if he were showing us one of his Dad's old bottle top collection.
He looked shocked when he found out how much it is worth and the next time we see it is in the Christies showroom!

The programme also showcased Stan Boardman's xenophobic/humourously ironic (depending on your perspective) World Cup single, in which he sings the line 'Aye,aye yippy, da Jeer-mans bombed our chippy' to the tune of She'll be Coming Around the Mountains.

I noticed Stan was one of the programme's exectutive producers, but more impressively than any of this, Stan owns a World Cup shirt itself. It was one of Alan Ball's white ones, and thus wasn't worn in the final.

He had been given to him by Alan Ball Senior ( manager) - who was also responsible for Alan Ball himself losing Nobby Stiles shirt (Alan and Nobby having swapped with each other on the day).

He'd lent it to a local TV hire shop in exchange for a colour telly, but never claimed it back!

Anyway, there will be no point in watching it if I go on, but so I'll just say it gets a 10/10 from this site, and I strongly recommend you see it.

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