A NUCLEAR consultant is hoping to get money for old rope - and send it to a heart charity.

Paul Youngson, 24, was born with congenital heart problems and had to have a series of operations when he was three months old.

Now the safety consultant is hoping to raise thousands of pounds by trading an old piece of rope for prizes.

Mr Youngson, from Hale Village, got the idea from a news story about a man who started with a paper clip and continuously swopped it until he ended up with a house.

He is just four months into his trading and Mr Youngson has got his hand on a Xabi Alonso shirt from Liverpool Football Club.

The former Alder Hey patient said: "I started with a piece of old rope and swopped it for some scissors.

"Then I got an email from an Australian man whose son had been born with congenital heart disease and he traded a shirt he had worn to the Olympics where he was a steward.

You will notice the Club sponsor's name 'Carlsberg' has been omitted due to the French Governments ban on advertising alcoholic products"I swopped this for as signed photo of Philip Beardsley and Liverpool FC traded this for Alonso's shirt."

Mr Youngson plans to continue trading for 18 months, and then auction whatever he is left with for heart charity Guch, which works with people who have congenital heart disease.




The Liverpool Alonso shirt

I received the shirt yesterday morning less then 24 hours after I had spoken to them on the phone and it arrived with a letter addressed to me (I have removed my address from the picture) which stated the following:

Dear Sir/Madam


Xabi Alonso yellow away shirt


This letter serves as confirmation that the above shirt supplied to Mr P Youngson is one which has been allocated to Xabi Alonso during the Champions League Competition season 2005/2006.

You will notice the Club sponsor's name 'Carlsberg' has been omitted due to the French Governments ban on advertising alcoholic products.

This feature makes this shirt quite unique and as such a much sought after item.

Your faithfully,

Public Relations

As you can see, I did get a couple of details wrong such as the country and the season but at the end of the day it is still a unique item and will be worth a lot to someone out there. On the phone the PR department as LFC told me that the shirt had been valued at £300.

Liverpool do not have football shirts made without their sponsor's logo unless they absolutely have to. I must also point out that this is not a replica shirt; this was made to be worn by a Liverpool player in a competitive European match, it even has the Champion's League badge on the arm.

As far as I can tell this shirt is absolutely unique, and a great item to own. I am just happy that it has been in my possession for even a short time and I am willing to let it go in order to help the charity of my choice.

To follow his progress or to swap the lLiverpool shirt see:



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