asics lethal ds it 3 football boots

This is the Asics Lethal DS 3 football boot, which has been released after the highly successful Lethal DS 2. The new Lethal DS 3 features HG10mm technology, a stability heel wrap and super comfortable upper design in 2 striking colours. The Lethal DS is a brilliant performer and offers a comfortbale and light weight boot.

According to Asics, this range of football boots is based around two very contrasting pillars of design, weight-reduction and player comfort.

Firstly the weight reduction – the Asics Lethal DS IT 3 cuts the weight by 35 grammes from it’s predecessor – the Asics Lethal DS IT 2. This drop in weight has come from the introduction of one of Asics Running shoe technologies; the SoLyte polymer.

asics lethal ds it 3 football boots

asics lethal ds it 3 football boots

asics lethal ds it 3 football boots

Whilst used in running shoes to enhance the strength through the middle of the foot, Asics have used it here to create the outsole under the heel of the boot, resulting in a drop in weight over previous models.

The SoLyte polymer also has the advantage of having more of a spring than the usual TPU you’d see in many outsoles. Asics claim that this added ‘spring’ in the step makes the Asics Lethal DS IT 3 one of the most comfortable on the market, based on the added support and compression of this section of the boot.

price: £79.99


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  1. Joe Barbieri

Very nice, classy

  1. Jay

Yeah, this would be pretty popular. Nice touch with the F too. You been doing that for a while?

  1. Guest

I like it, simple but classy.<br />This is what the Arsenal shirt should look like, unlike the one we&#039;re having now.<br />COME ON U GUNNERS!

  1. Paul - curswine

Very good work, you&#039;re one of a few people I look forward seeing work from when I come on here.

  1. Mike

@ Jay, I&#039;ve added the touch with the F since I started using this kitstyle (I&#039;ve made 3 shirts already with this style:razz: )<br />The F-logo is my trademark:razz: <br />By the way; the &#039;By Feyenoord&#039; writing in the bottom left corner is a reincarnation of the &#039;copyright&#039; I used in my very first kit designs (gotta love tradition...)

  1. lukasz


  1. Guest

Love the two shades of red<br /><br />could you please give a link to the kit style templates?

  1. Mr Dynamite

Superb. Although, it would have also been nice with a round collar; that would have been evocative of the classic shirts of the 1970s and of players like Sansom, Brady, O&#039;Leary, George, and so on. <br /><br />Minor collar suggestion aside, it&#039;s an absolute cracker. of a shirt.

  1. fsc

why the hell is this on here?<br />Asics has been using this same design for 3 years...

  1. fsc

I love Asics boots. Shame more big name players don't wear any brands outside of Nike and Adidas. There are plenty of great brands out there like Asics, Mizuno, Diadora, Lotto etc. If some big names ere bold enough to wear these great boots, kids wouldn't be obsessed with Nike and Adidas all the time. You gotta spread the wealth a bit.<br /><br />I'd guess in the Premier League it's something like this:<br />60% of players wear Nike<br />38% of player wear Adidas<br />1% of players wear Puma

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