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Back in March Footy Boots ran a series of articles questioning the robustness of the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly.

With the football boot world keenly anticipating the release of these highly innovative boots, it had become clear that the Nike footwear was struggling to stand up to the rigours of the professional game as Didier Drogba, Andrey Arshavin and Luis Fabiano all suffered the indignity of ripped boots.

And so, just days before the launch of the Superfly on the retail market, Nike pulled the plug and recalled the boots from general sale. Fair play to Nike for that. Not only did they cancel the campaign but they held their hands up, admitted there was a fault and indicated their determination to put it right.

And now, three months on, the Superfly is back.

The ripping problem has been solved by Nike by adding more of their Teijin synthetic material to the previously vulnerable areas and it’s now hoped that with this important modification, this lightweight, speedsters boot will be a viable proposition in a congested and highly competitive market place. You’d certainly think so, if nothing else, based on looks alone.

Another important update is that the new Superfly colourway. It has been worn by the pros in a Max Orange / Abyss / Silver design and most recently in Platinum / Red / White.

The Nike Superfly is available on pre-order  in Black / Voltage Yellow. The boot will be on general sale from 1st August and will retail at £224.99.





Comments (7)

  1. fsc

c.ronaldo will be good with this boots..<br />nike are better than adidas..

  1. fsc

these boots are unreal c.ronaldo will be better than ever in these

  1. Che

These boots are sooooooooo mega f***in awesome great...oh my god...guys calm down...that\'s just shoes...and they are so ugly... :-x

  1. fsc

They look like a pile of w~nk.. Nothing more than plimsolls with stickers on.More suited to Billy Elliot than a footballer

  1. fsc

They dont make you a better player and they dont make you run faster. They\'re football boots. Nothing more.<br /><br />Relax and put the tissues away :0

  1. James

£224.99... I don\'t think so :P <br /><br />If you think these lightweight boots are so good, buy earlier versions of the Vapours, football is about playing the game, not looking good whilst running down a wing B) <br /><br />So IMO, overpriced and can get better light Nike boots for less than half the price

  1. Chris

absolute OVERPRICED flimsy trash, just like EVERYTHING ELSE NIKE pumps out from their sweat shops in Asia.<br /><br />My personal boycott of all things Nike will continue<br /><br />+1 to Roginho for &#34;Nothing more than plimsolls with stickers on.More suited to Billy Elliot than a footballer&#34;<br /><br />+1 to Caulls for this &#34;football is about playing the game, not looking good whilst running down a wing&#34;

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