Here is the most significant innovation in mass customised footwear production…NOMIS has a new innovative technology at its disposal – small runs of customised designs direct onto the leather surface of the boot under the patented Dual Control grip enhancing treatment.

In the past it has been fairly easy to manufacture designs onto synthetic leathers, but only at a screen-printing quality. Now a fully digitised hi-resolution design can be incorporated onto the NOMIS K-leather upper, allowing freedom of design on the best performing and sustainable material for football boots. This beckons a new era of you the athlete becoming a co-designer with NOMIS.


The technology was developed over the last few years and wear trialled extensively to ensure that new technique could stand up to demands of competitive football. And it does.

Naturally NOMIS are playing their cards close to their chest on this, but the process is said to be quite revolutionary in the way that it is incorporated into the tanning process, with concepts utilised from four different chemical industries to create the final product.

More limited designs will be launched throughout 2009 with leading artists coupled with systems being launched for you the athlete to co create with the NOMIS design team.

For the launch, there are a limited edition of just 200 pairs and you can only get the nomis-nxgen-spark via the Footy-boots website for one month only .

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  1. Roger Foden

All very clever but who the hell designed that one its vile. They are great boots but are there any decent footballers who wear them. They are nearly all paid to wear the big 3 brands

  1. fsc

who r da big 3 brands? addidas, puma, and nike?

  1. fsc

no, gola, hi tec and wrangler

  1. fsc

:evil: :evil: im gonna be sick :evil: :evil:

  1. fsc

:shock: WHAT THE FUCK :s

  1. Jay

I don't think they'-) like this one either but I think it's pretty cool.

  1. Andy

I Think it, is a good top, nice design

  1. fsc

That boot looks awesome, obvious its been made to show that Nomis can incorporate wild designs into boots but good to know they do wicked designs!

  1. fsc

smoking hot dude want 1 :lol: :-) 8)

  1. fsc

they look like a peinapple!

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