Today, PUMA launches its latest speed football boot range, the v1.10.

As the successor to the v1.08, we’d been hoping that some of the early images that started floating around cyber-space at the start of the year were wide of the mark. Sadly, they weren’t. Having received two pairs of the new football boots, experts can report that the v1.10’s are something of a let down.

No doubt other reviews will be more flattering, but at Footy Boots, they don’t answer to any retailers so therefore, they are at liberty to give it to you as they see it.

So buckle up…this is going to be a rough ride.

First off, compared to its predecessor, the v1.08, the football boot isn’t overly attractive. 

Whilst retaining some of the basic shape and measurements, the flowing lines that were achieved by the v1.08 seem to have been thrown out in favour of a more clumpy, thick set sort of look. Put these new football boots next to the Gold / Black v1.08’s and they look like a hurriedly discarded prototype rather than the finished article. We always thought that the v1.08 (and the elegant v1.815 Ferrari) had the look of a boot that could have been created by Vincent van Gogh. By comparison, the v1.10 design is more reminiscent of Dick van Dyke.

The colourways also leave a lot to be desired. Whilst the Red / Black / White is OK, the Blazing Yellow / Red screams out ‘notice me, please notice me’ like a long forgotten supermodel trying to attract the attention of a Hello magazine photographer at a Z list party.

PUMA should look at the way that Nike used the Voltage Yellow colourway in the Superfly or Vapor V. They have a look of superiority and subtlety about them. The v1.10 is about as subtle as a roast beef sarny at a vegetarians tea-party. And with the web styling within the PUMA flash combined with the bright yellow, it’s all a bit Bananaman meets Spiderman.

As one of the boot testers pointed out, while the yellow colourway may well appeal to a number of African nations (which is where PUMA are obviously aiming the football boot) it reminded him of the arches of McDonald’s. McDisaster!

Additionally, we are not sure about the lace cover. Whilst appreciating that they are almost ‘de rigueur’ these days, it’s disappointing that PUMA didn’t buck the trend and stay with the uncovered off centered lacing.

One last gripe - it’s a shame to see they haven’t changed the toe end of the football boot back to the more ‘classic’ shape of the v1.06 as we know that some users have found the v1.08 range a little uncomfortable, particularly those who have second toes longer than their big toes.

It might yet grow on us, but all in all, the PUMA v1.10 reminds us of a clever but underachieving 13 year old at college. The kind of pupil who comes home all too regularly bearing a note from his / her teacher saying ‘could do better’. 

Sorry PUMA, extra lessons most definitely required.

Retail sale: 10th October - Price: Between £100 and £120

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Comments (16)

  1. Guest

i dont like arsenal i dont like there logo i dont like the team or anything that reminds me of the terrible team they really are man united all the way as far as designs go nt bad

  1. Kane Spill

Emmekappa it is called FANTASY KIT DESIGN FOR A REASON

  1. Moreno Kundert

That&#039;s not an Arsenal shirt.....<br />Arsenal home shirt needs white sleeves...

  1. Kane Spill

so........<br />that would be basically making a AC shirt with their main rivals INTER colour wat is the point in that

  1. Moreno Kundert

Then try a AC Milan shirt in black and blue......

  1. fsc

I feel sory for Puma , but this is pure crap !

  1. fsc

Spiderman and El Chapulin colorado

  1. fsc

watfod lovers

  1. fsc

LOL :lol: spiderman boots... Adidas Predators are the best

  1. fsc

do u clean them with windex?

  1. fsc

The verdict - they\'re fantastic. B)

  1. Andrew Macpherson

They\'ll look good with Newcastle\'s away kit :P

  1. Gaz

Love the colour scheme on the yellow ones.... ;-) <br /><br />Not great boot though. I prefer the good ol\' Puma King Pro.

  1. fsc

I used to love puma boots but this looks like an abortion of a boot ....its vile

  1. fsc

i just heard alex ferguson sayin that at uniteds academy only PLAIN BLACK boots :cry:

  1. fsc

i have been wearing the v1.08s since they came out and found them to fit excellently (they are the same shape as my feet, rounded from the big toe down rather than a bigger second toe). I'd been leaning toward 1.06 for years but was aware of their durability issues (seams coming undone). I think the toe of the 1.08 corrected this issue, and I'm perfectly comfortable wearing them (I've bought several pairs in case the next generation doesnt fit well). <br />That said, for years I wore predators, which did not fit my toe-foot shape AT ALL. What can I say, different boots for different folks. If the v1.08/v1.10 dont fit, try the other speed boots - vapor or f50!<br />But I agree - I would prefer simple colors, which puma did in the 1.08 K leather (all white and all black).

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