Italian Website Tuttosport got hold on some new pictures of the Italy World Cup 2010 shirts made by Puma.

Apparently Puma went for the “cyborg” look at the front and a collar with a tricolor border that is supposed to have 5 peaks that make it look like a star seen from above. (info from elite)

To avoid any Lawsuit with our friends from Puma, we're not going to publish pictures of it again but you can read the article here.



These seem to be the new Italy World cup 2010 Home and away shirts made by Puma. All new World Cup 2010 football shirts will be availabe through the FSC shop.

These are leaked pictures take from a store catalogue with a mobile phone. Hopefully better pictures will follow the upcoming days.



According to sources close to the project, the new England 10/12 away kit made by Umbro will be almost identical to the one worn by the World Cup winners in 1966.

The new England 2010/2012 away kit will be unveiled in March 2010.

The tailored shirts, made by Umbro, will be entirely red with no other colour trimmings apart from a white three Lions England emblem on the chest.

The new top will have a slight V-neck whereas the original 1966 shirts(seen on the right) were crew neck.

The shorts will be all-white, just like Umbro's 1966 England kit.

It is expected the kit will cost around £40-£45 for a shirt and £20-£25 for shorts.


This is the new Germany World Cup 2010 home kit made by Adidas which will be available through the FSC shop.

The new Germany World Cup 2010 kit made by adidas will be officially unveiled in November, and the German national team already made a commercial for it. The 40 person security staff could not prevent that the pictures were leaked on the internet a couple of hours later.

The new adidas shirt has elements of World Cup wins of 1954, 1974 and 1990. Black collar, black cuffs and the badge on the left is similar to the one used on the European title winning shirt of 1996.

Eleven vertical lines represent the team spirit of the eleven players who are on the field. The three central lines are in the national colours black, red, gold.

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