Shanghai Shenhua 2013 Nike Football Shirt

The design for Shanghai Shenhua’s home kit comprises dark blue and sky blue horizontal stripes for a striking contrast, enhanced by vivid red detail at the collar, sleeves and hem of the jersey. “Shenhua Team”,printed at the back of the collar reflects the never-give-up, fearless attitude of this Chinese football powerhouse.

Guangzhou Evergrande 2013 Nike Football Shirt

Guangzhou Evergrande’s new home kit is designed in the traditional red of previous years, but for 2013 introduces a gradient color scheme in which the red gradually become darker as it nears the shirt’s hem. The kit’s classic round collar and sleeves in gold celebrate the club’s defending champion status. Additionally, the “Guangzhou Team” characters on the back of the collar are a tribute to the passionate fans who are so closely connected to the club.

Beijing Guo’an 2013 Nike Football Shirt

Beijing Guo’an’s home kit continues its association with the team’s classic green uniforms of previous seasons. The design features a mosaic of Canyon Green and Lucky Green for a unique visual impact. The “YU” character on the back of the collar is inspired by the palace guards and Chinese seal, an important reflection of the city. The palace guards served during the most illustrious period in the history of ancient China’s imperial forces, and this Beijing-inspired design instills pride in the players and the fans.

Kyoto Sanga 2013 Wacoal Home Football Shirt

This is the new Kyoto Sanga 2013 Home football shirt made by Wacoal.

The club was formerly known as Kyoto Purple Sanga with "purple", the colour of the team uniforms, an imperial colour reflecting Kyoto's status as Japan's ancient imperial capital city. It was decided however that, from 2007, the team will simply been known as "Kyoto Sanga".

Peñarol 2013 Puma Football Shirts

These are the new Club Atlético Peñarol 2013 Home, Away (Black) and Third (Yellow) football kits made by Puma.

Peñarol is the successor club of Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club, which was founded on 28 September 1891 by British railway workers. Since the CURCC was established, the colours that represented it and subsequently Peñarol have been yellow and black. They were inspired by the Rocket locomotive that had been designed by George Stephenson.

Cerezo Osaka 2013 Mizuno Home & Away Football Shirts

These are the new Cerezo Osaka 2013 Home and Away football shirts made by Mizuno.

The team name Cerezo means cherry tree in Spanish, which is also the flower of Ōsaka city. Cerezo's basic kit colour is pink, like the cherry blossom flowers the name is based on. Combination colours have been navy blue and black.

Brazil 2013 Nike Away Football Shirt

This is the new Brazil 2013 Away football shirt which is available here.

Brazil’s new away kit is a stylish, authentic representation of the country’s ability to not only dazzle the football world but also compete within it. While the traditional yellow home jersey reflects the beauty of Brazilian football, the new away kit reminds us the team is always ready to battle for victory.

The jersey offers a modern, refined look while losing none of the authentic tradition demanded of it by a passionate fan base. Brazilians are proud of their standing at the peak of world football, and the new kit reflects that pride, passion and desire to win.

Netherlands 2013 Away Nike Footbal Shirt

This is the new Netherlands 2013 away footbal kit which is available here.

The Netherland’s away kit, unveiled at the soon to be re-opened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam by national team players Kevin Strootman, Ricardo van Rhijn and Adam Maher, has a striking new look that takes the three colours of the Dutch national flag and incorporates them into a vivid and eye-catching design.

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