This is the new Puma Away shirt for the Egyptian national team.

The 2020-21 change design echoes that of the hieroglyphics-laden Home version and - whilst nominally “Puma White” with contrasts in “Puma Black” - is striking due to its rich patterning on the front and sleeves.

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Puma have released the new, 2020-21 Home shirt for the Egytian national team.

Egypt’s new primary shirt is in, primarily, “Puma Red”, while it carries patterning suggesting early script or hieroglyphics we would associate with ancient Egypt.

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This is Senegal’s new, 2020-21 Away shirt by Puma.

The new change shirt is in tones of green, with the dark hues rendering - on the front of the trunk - the Senegalese art-referencing pattern that is so vibrant on the Home version.

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The new, 2020-21 Home shirt for the Senegalese national team has been released by Puma.

The shirt, which will be officially classed as white, has colouring not only via the crest and green Puma logos and contrast cuffs, but also by way of the faded sublimated pattern which references Senegal’s vibrant art heritage.

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This is the newly released Côte d'Ivoire, or “Ivory Coast”, Away shirt by Puma.

To be worn in the run-up to the African Cup of Nations in early 2022, this shirt echoes the elephant skin-textured, scattered and stylised striping pattern of the Home equivalent, this time rendered in full-contrast dark grey on the white base.

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Puma have released the new Côte d'Ivoire - Ivory Coast - Home shirt for 2020-21.

The pattern on the traditional orange-based shirt features a seemingly random scattering of interlocking stripes textured with a team nickname-nodding approximation of elephant skin - a pattern of which each element is truncated by way of fading but, perhaps sadly, not confined to the shirt’s trunk.

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Puma have released the new Ghana Away shirt for 2020-21.

Repeating the Ghanaean culture-nodding pattern of the Home version in glorious technicolour, the shirt is nominally yellow and black - with the sleeves in the latter and plain.

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This is the newly released 2020-21 Puma Home shirt for the Ghanaean national side.

The new shirt, which will be worn in the period running up to the African Cup of Nations in early 2022, eschews red in favour of a sublimated grey pattern print on a white trunk which references Ghana’s culture, while the Black Stars’ black star is present and correct front and centre.

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Palermo FC, of Italy’s Serie C, recently launched and released their new, Kappa Away kit for 2020-21.

The primarily black “Kombat Pro” shirt, with a fabric carrying a crest-based shadow pattern, is derived from the tri-colour palette of the iconic modern crest - which is naturally in full colour. The black is augmented by secondary and tertiary colouring in, respectively, pink - the winged collar and cuffs - and white - the Kappa “Omini” logos and other club partner branding.

This is the recently launched Kappa Palermo FC Home kit for the Sicilian side’s 2020-21 Italian Serie C campaign.

The new Home shirt is in pink with details - including a multitude of partner logos, as well as a trio of Kappa “Omini” logos - in black. The neck features a contrast winged collar - matching the black cuffs - while the chest crest is echoed in a sublimated watermark low down.

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