This is the newly released Qatar 2020 Home shirt by Nike.

The new shirt is in “Desert Maroon” and “Deep Garnet” and these red tones deliver a nod to the iconic Qatari flag via a sublimated print. The Qatar FA crest is in full colour, while the neck is an overlapping V which ties in with the cuffs and the lightning bolt trim running down the sides of the trunk.

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This is the recently launched Asociacion Atletica Argentinos Juniors Home shirt by Umbro.

The storied Buenos Aires-based side’s new primary shirt design is in a jacquard-textured red with white sash running behind the embroidered red Umbro logo, and the full-coloured crest - with the sashed flag detail - sitting on the opposite side.

CD Águila, of the Salvadoran Primera Division, have recently unveiled their new, Umbro, 2020-21 Home, Away and Third kits.

The new Home shirt has an orange trunk with black raglan sleeves - colouring the rear portion of the neck - and a black graphic underlaying the white Umbro logo and full colour crest.

This is the recently launched 2020-21 Al Wasl SC Home kit by Umbro.

The Dubai-based UAE Football League side have an all-yellow kit, including a textured yellow shirt with an extended length rear and minimal embellishment in terms of construction - black trim on the neck.

Continuing the recent trend for mint green designs, this is the new, 2020-21 season Torino FC Third kit by Joma.

Said tone on the shirt is contrasted, in the main, with the famous garnet of Torino’s Home releases, and this stretches from the Joma logos, through the upper back club identity, to the vast majority of the partner sponsorship branding - including the “Suzuki Hybrid” legend front and centre.

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These are the current, 2020-21 season Home, Away and Third kits for Italian Serie B side US Lecce.

The in-house shirt designs - with manufacturer branding featuring the club symbolism of a wolf and the original formation year-nodding “[1]908”.

Modern German Bundesliga goliath RB Leipzig have released their ultra-minimalist 2020-21 season Fourth kit by Nike.

The basically styled, nominally tertiary change shirt is in red with a simple “V”-style neck and the only embellishment to the base being the white contrast trim on the sides of the trunk.

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This is the recently launched and debuted Kappa Home kit for famous Brazilian side Botafogo.

The new, 2020-21 shirt is relatively simple, with the famous black and white stripes forming the trunk and the white raglan sleeves carrying a thick black stripe from the neck to the deep, banded cuffs.

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This is the new, 2020-21 season European - Uefa Europa League - shirt for Austrian football giants SK Rapid Wien (Rapid Vienna).

The adidas design, which will be worn in the continental tournament in preference to the standard Home shirt, is in green with white sleeves.

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