Serial predictor and DF member Corinth has provided a set of speculative AS Roma shirts for 2021-22.

With tongue firmly in cheek, these mockups for the Italian Serie A side were provoked by the notion that the Giallorossi will shortly be sporting kits produced by Reebok - remember them?...

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In the early days of football, there was little uniformity to a team’s kit. Players would often wear a mix of colours and styles, being identified instead by caps or sashes worn over their shirts. Teams with more money – such as those from wealthy public schools and universities – could invest in a set of matching jerseys or shirts, custom-tailored to each player....

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The "Strip! How football got shirty" exhibition at the National Football Museum examines the very fibres of shirt fashion, design and technology through the ages, from the heavy woollen jerseys of the Victorian era to the heavily branded polyester of today.

Strip! – the world’s largest curated exhibition of its kind - captures the growth of the football shirt phenomenon, charting the replica boom and the bold designs that followed, right through to the high-tech advancements and retro reappraisals.

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The first football jersey I owned was a knock-off Inter Javier Zanetti shirt that my mum brought me back from a trip to Italy when I was 11 years old. She had been told it was an Italy kit and that Zanetti was their best player.

Of course, as a kid growing up in Boston, Massachusetts before the internet and with no way to watch any European football, it would be years before I learned that neither was true.

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