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Here is my prediction for the Inter Milan 2019-20 Third kit.

Leaked info point out that the kit will be black with yellow logos and details. Just like other Nike third kits for the season, 90s aesthetics will be incorporated into the kit - this include the old Nike logo and 90s inspired design elements. In this case, I used Inter's 1997-98 third kit as an inspiration. As a result, this third kit features a subtle hooped pattern and an - again subtle - Inter crest watermark.

Here is my prediction for the Inter Milan 2019-20 Away kit.

Leaks say Inter's away shirt will be teal, with black logos and details in white and gold. In my prediction, I used the white and gold colours both on the sleeves and the detail on the collar. While there's no info about the shorts yet, I'm betting on them being teal, just like the shirt. Socks, however, will be white.

Here is my prediction for the Inter Milan 2019-20 home kit.

Inter's home shirt will be predominantly blue, according to leaks, hence why I've used blue sleeves. The most distinctive feature, however, will be the stripes, which will mix ordinary vertical stripes and diagonal ones. Black shorts and blue socks - with the same stripped pattern as the shirt - complete the kit.

design football competition

In case you haven't noticed, over the past few weeks our sister site has hosted a competition to design the new Home kit for Middlesbrough Futsal Club and the deadline for entries is now approaching.

Boro are one of the leading futsal teams in Europe with a history of signing and producing talented internationals.  Back in 2009 they came to DF to see if the members could produce a standout kit by way of a competition and the winning entry is the model currently worn by the side.

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