BSC Young Boys, the current Swiss Super League champions, are an iconic club but would perhaps benefit from this update to their crest.

The design, by “MikeM” on FSC's sister site,, takes the famous Bern side’s famous initials and provides a modernisation, with the full name detail dispensed with and the year of formation adapted stylishly.

Much of the football kit-admiring world have been captivated recently by, firstly, the news of Kappa taking over the Venezia Football Club contract, and then the fruits of the two Italian entities joining forces.

Over on FSC's sister site,, we’re blessed with members like the brilliant “ozando”, who have created concepts which act as alternatives to the released versions.

This installment of the Template FC kit design tutorial for FSC and involves finishing touches and subtle adjustments.

Noah firstly takes us through colour correction and lighting techniques, and while he admits these are amongst the most advanced procedures he covers, they are hugely valuable in ensuring the finished mockup looks lifelike and professional.

Over on our sister site,, our Kit of the Week (KOTW) category is currently dedicated to Meyba FC Barcelona designs - like this one by longterm member “Rabbi”.

With the (originally) Catalan brand currently enjoying a renaissance via their supplying to Dutch side FC Twente, the Barça fantasy uploads are whetting the appetite in line with the most popular concepts.

We’ve featured the work of kit designer Emre Gulteken several times on FSC, but this selection is a little different.

Emre’s archive of hand-drawn designs spans his pre-professional creative period and both demonstrate his obvious talent, going as far back as his teenage years, and his knack for preempting what would be seen on football pitches in years to come.

In Template FC’s latest Photoshop and Photopea tutorial episode, Noah explains how to use textures to add depth to designs.

We’re pushing god-level realism now, with concepts going beyond even what many actual manufacturers would have on their digital drawing board. Noah is providing a comprehensive look at what is possible, allowing budding (concept) designers to cherry pick what will work for fantasy creations.

Despite the recent huge focus on European and South American international football, some of the greatest designs - real life and concept, such as this Cameroon offering from member ONI - concern Mother Africa.

The striking deep green design has a sublimated print pattern of stylised, horizontal striping, with neat matching neck and cuffs, the famous double crest effect and the Le Coq Sportif logo rendered monotonically.

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