Part of his recent J-league series, this is the Home shirt concept created by Corinth for Sanfrecce Hiroshima.

The shirt is purple with a pattern inspired by the name of the club, Sanfrecce (or 'Three arrows'). On the back of the kit, below the collar, their old logo can be seen.

The football world was rocked last week by the passing of Diego Maradona. The Argentine legend’s death has provoked an outpouring of grief and an abundance of tribute-making, not least from those with a kit-appreciating bent.

Designer - graphic and apparel - Emre Gultekin has taken the rich subject matter of Maradona’s career to provide a beautiful history of shirts El Diego wore.

Facing a creative block in football kit design is surely an arduous predicament for designers and admirers alike. Fortunately, some of the former - like Brendan Tennent - find inspiration in close at hand, such as in the alphabet.

Tennent’s “26Kits - Alphabet Jerseys” project is basic in principle - one shirt per letter and each with the same “crest” and “sponsor” - but the imagination employed, and the eschewing of strict adherence to each respective character’s form in favour of flair, gives us two baker’s dozens’ worth of very 2020s designs.

Turkish club football giants Galatasaray have a fascinating kit history, having worn all of the traditional “big four” of football design - adidas, Nike, Puma and Umbro - but what if they had consistently been part of the three-striped stable for the last forty years plus?

Emre Gultekin - an apparel, sportswear and graphic designer with impressive professional club kit credits - has explored this possibility with a gallery of adidas Gala kits stretching from 1978 to 2020.

Based on the very first design used by the club in 1884, this Derby County shirt designed by ONI has brown and light blue halves with an Umbro-inspired double diamond pattern and an amber stripe in the middle.

The sleeves are brown with light blue and amber accents.

From our sister site,, something very close to this shirt design may be sported by Milan away from home next 21/22 season.

Uploaded by “yousif fayed”, the beige - or perhaps “ecru” - base is embellished with gold in the form of neat “V”-style neck and cuffs and, most strikingly, a stylised map of the city of Milan which stretches across the entire trunk.

This is Corinth's take on a possible 2021-22 home shirt design for Italian side Internazionale, based on a leaked hoodie design from next season's collection.

The jersey features Inter's nerazzurri colours, but the striped design features a unique snakeskin pattern, possibly a reference to both Milan's fashion industry and the biscione, one of the symbols of Inter and the city of Milan itself.

Home shirt for English side Liverpool FC, created by Corinth.

The shirt is in their traditional red colour, and features a distinctive graphic created by cutting and rearranging parts of the club's crest. On the upper sleeves, liverbird-shaped holes allow for player ventilation and give the jersey a unique look.

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