When designing football shirts you're dealing with a property which is culturally important to so many people world-wide.'

The fashion world may be awash with famous labels, but when it comes to world-wide exposure, the likes of Hugo Boss and Paul Smith have nothing on 33 year old Manchester City supporter, Darran Medley. Ultra-trendy David Beckham, for example, wears Darran's creations all the time. Indeed he wouldn't be seen on the pitch without them.

A football shirt worn by the man voted the greatest ever Celtic player by supporters has failed to reach its reserve price at auction.

Jimmy Johnstone, who died in March, aged 61, wore the top in the 1967 World Club Championship in Uruguay against Racing Club of Argentina.

On the BBC-sport website I found a page thats about choosing your favourite World Cup kits. Bad thing is that you can only choose 1 out of 11 selected shirts,and in my opinion there are made much more interesting ,more ugly and more beautiful World cup shirts.


Club founder Joan Gamper first had the idea of setting up a Barca museum in the 1920s, but for a number of reasons, it was not until 1984 when President Josep Lluis Nuñez was in charge of the club that his vision came to fruition. Once again the club showed themselves to be pioneers in the footballing world and with subsequent enlargements in 1987,1994 and 1998, the museum now covers 3,500 square metres.

Year after year the museum has increased its number of visitors and become an ever more important tool for spreading the name of the club far and wide. Not only is it the best footballing museum in the world, it is also the most popular museum of any kind in Catalonia, regularly receiving more than 1,160,000 visitors a year, and is a reference point for many other such museums around the world.
The Barcelona football club museum



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