Jay, resident blogger on DesignFootball.com chatted to Shawn from the St. Pauli podcast, Fell in Love with a Girl. Politically emotive, the shirts of St Pauli have become iconic in their colouring and connotations, as the German side's cult appeal ever-widens. Discussing the kit history and the controversy of the current wardrobe, as well as the association with Under Armour, Shawn provided an education on kits, as well as thought-provoking social commentary. It's an oldie, but, we think, a goodie.

Jay, resident blogger on DesignFootball.com, is joined by friend of the podcast John Devlin to discuss the ever-growing sub-industry of retro kits. Often overlooked as meaningless nostalgia, the market is nonetheless huge and worth the time Jay and John spend discussing the applicable responsibilities of the manufacturers-cum-licensees. Not only this, but the sector has several dark sides, where integrity is bypassed in pursuit of the profits that are there to be made...

Jay, resident blogger on DesignFootball.com,talks to freelance sportswear designer Sean Pankhurst about the latter's career, comprising his time at Nike, and Canterbury, and with other sportswear, leisurewear and fashion brands.

Sean was frank and generous with his recounting of his experiences, which we thank him for. Have a listen, and we hope you'll appreciate his candour too.

Jay, resident blogger on DesignFootball.com,chats crests with someone who knows a thing about them - Martin Le Roy.

The current season's higher profile new crests get a mid-year review, and Martin picks his favourites from the wonderful Crest Redesign Weekly Competition on DF. Finally, Martin lets us in on the ongoing fun he's been treated to thanks to the ubiquity of his own offerings.

Jay, resident blogger on DesignFootball.com, chats to his old friend Chris Oakley (The Football Attic, Kitbliss...), about what the world of football design - and particularly kit illustration and fantasy kit design - has in store for us in 2017.

After another brief look back at what 2016 gave us (pssst. Nike Vapor), Jay and Chris discussed what there is to look forward to, including an exciting new project on DF, combining the cult hit League of Blogs from The Football Attic and, well, the cult hit LOGacta, from the 70s. When board games and kit design combine - take a listen!

Jay, resident blogger on DesignFootball.com, talks to John Devlin once again, this time on a look back at football kit design in 2016.

The Nike Vapor kits formed the main news of the year we're exiting, but adidas's stripe placement was also of huge interest, as was the continuing fortunes of the likes of New Balance and Under Armour, and the emergence of Dryworld. All these subjects and more are tackled by Jay and John, as we say goodbye to a transitional year.

Jay, resident blogger on DesignFootball.com, talks to far more renowned kit blogger Les Motherby - of the essential HullCityKits.co.uk - on all things Hull City (of course including THAT kit) and his secondary love of one famous Italian side in particular, and their unique look.

The ever-opinionated Les educates on kits, and elucidates on other matters too - which DesignFootball.com will neither endorse nor dispute. We trust it makes for eventful listening.

DesignFootball.com's resident blogger Jay talks to now renowned football shirt collector Rich Johnson from The Football Attic. As an author/compiler of two books covering his sizeable collection, Rich outlines the ups and downs of shirt and kit collection, with highs including owning incredibly rare pieces of history, and the lows concerning everything from missing out on his Holy Grail to the risk of racking up some serious debt.

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