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The Nike Hypervenom 3 has landed, and 2 years after the second generation, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2, saw the light of day, it’s time for an update. Unisport's JayMike puts the new member of the Hypervenom family up against its older brother.

Upgrade your precision and power Giroud style with Puma's new evoPOWER Vigor. Bringing your more power and precision than ever. The evoPOWER Vigor 1 is PUMA's most technical power offering to date.

Confederation of African Football (CAF) has presented the new official ball for the 2017 Total Africa Cup of Nations. Designed by Mitre, the ball creativity takes inspiration from the intricate history of the tournament and the action that the passionate fans are expected to witness all put into perfect colours of art.

Paul Pogba has always done things his own way since day one, a born Creator. From his childhood in France, to his return to Manchester United, he has made his own rules. Refusing to be anyone but himself and always bringing creativity and imagination to the game. Football needs creators. And Paul Pogba is the proof.

Bengaluru FC weathered the storm, battled the foes, rode the highs and aced the lows - all so they could put a second star on it. Bengaluru, are #BlueAllThrough.

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