The Norwegian football federation unveiled their new crest (and a new shirt). "Recommended Norway" is responsible for the design, while Peter Horridge has drawn the emblem. The same man is behind the logos of Liverpool, the Premier League and the England badge.

The Norwegian flag has been a national icon since the 1920s. With the flag on the chest, the Norwegian national teams had many proud moments. But now is the time for a new era where a new chapter is to be written into the history books. And this time, a new emblem to replace the Norwegian flag. Only 7 of the world's 50 best national teams are using the flag active in its emblem.

"We have long looked at how other nations have used their own identity within the symbols of their national teams, and assessed whether this could be an option for our national teams. Now, we believe that the time is right, and we are brilliant satisfied with the result, "said Karen Espelund, secretary general of the Norwegian Football Association.



" The challenge was to find an emblem that best can create a new identity to the Norwegian football and at the same time safeguard the Norwegian heritage and history. "

The new emblem has a heraldisk background, and take inspiration from Viking times.

It is immediately recognizable as Norwegian and is communicating strength, control and performance, "says senior designer Bjørn Høydal.



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  1. fsc

Very crests for national teams can be tricky (Ireland for example got theirs horribly wrong) but this is a good one.

  1. fsc

Sooooo MLS

  1. dani

I totally agree...

  1. fsc

I like it.<br /><br />If it were MLS it would have a soccer ball prominently featured because apparently folks here are too dumb to figure out what sport it is otherwise.

  1. fsc

Bollocks!!!<br />How is this so MLS?<br />I see Norwegen culture coming thru in this design.<br /><br />And no way in hell does it look anything like the English badge......<br /><br />Not everything evoloves around the Poms!<br /><br />I think this is a great design.

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