Here is the first hall of  Fame made by Maire Ofeire.


Following last week’s first Hall of Shame with some true horrors in it, in this episode you’ll see some of Maire’s favourite shirts of all time


Next week Hall of Shame again.





10. River Plate (home) 2006-2007 adidas

The Argentine side are one of the world’s most famous clubs. The design of the 2006-2007 home jersey where the red diagonal cuts through the white shirt has become part and parcel of the club’s history.



9. Chelsea (home) 2008-2009 Adidas


The London side have become one of the world’s top clubs in the 2000s. To go with their current classy side they have this classy home strip.



8. Cork City (home) 1984-1989 Adidas


Cork City are one of the biggest sides in Irish club football. Between 1984-1988 they adorned the turf of Turner’s Cross wearing their famous green and white stripes bearing the sponsor of favourite Irish beverage, Guinness.



7. Barcelona (home) 1996-1997 Kappa


From Romario to Messi and Ronaldinho to Henry, famous names have worn the famous stripes of Barcelona. The shirt does not bare the name of a sponsor and even today the space has been given over to charity, UNICEF.



6. Holland (home) 1984-1987 Adidas


The team that brought us total football brought us a totally cool jersey. The Oranje shirt is one of those stand out shirts in international football.



5. Arsenal away (3rd kit) 2007- 2009 Nike


In 2007, Arsenal launched an away kit that was a subtle tribute to famed Gunners manager Herbert Chapman who brought glory to the club during the 1930s. It is currently the club’s 3rd kit.



4. Argentina (home) 2008- 2010 Adidas


The blue and white vertical stripes of Argentina’s home jersey is one of the world’s most recognisable. It will always be a classic.



3. West Ham (away) 1980-1983 Adidas


West Ham had a series of highs and lows in the 1980s. The arrival of their away kit in 1980 most definitely counts as a high. A simple design that contains the classic Adidas logo, this jersey shows that simplicity is best.



2. Sao Paulo (home) 1975


From the club that brought us Kaka is this week’s number two. Again another team that live by the motto that simplicity is best where the club’s jersey has become renowned for its horizontal red and black stripes. This 1975 effort is a prime example.



1. AC Milan (home) 2006-2007 Adidas


The Italian giants are home to some of the world’s greatest players and greatest kits. The Rossoneri are instantly recognisable worldwide for their black and red vertical striped home jersey. The 2006-2007 shirt is a sublime example of how to make a retro model modern.

Comments (12)

  1. fsc

To me, most of the selections seem pretty arbitrary and unspectacular, but that West Ham kit is all sorts of awesome.

  1. fsc

Agreed, the west ham one is class. That Chelsea home shirt though.....are you sure??? Looked a bit more like a good fake you get abroad than an official shirt!

  1. fsc

Thought this was another hall of SHAME!<br /><br />The only vaguely iconic shirts in here are West Ham and Cork City... Sorry (only my opinion, mind!)<br /><br />That Chelski shirt is an absolute shocker!

  1. fsc

I agree with the guys above.<br />Most of the jerseys are the current used by their teams, it seems that next season it gonna change again.<br /><br />I dunno who is this person, but doesnt look she does understand about history of soccer shirts. <br /><br />not any J-Leage team??

  1. fsc


  1. fsc

Chill out guys.. This is just someone’s personal favourite list and has nothing to do with the history of football shirts. Every one has its own personal hall of shame or hall of fame shirts. <br /><br />It’s just a matter of taste and point of view.<br /><br />Feel free to put some time in making your own top 10 without the usual suspects!

  1. fsc

yea agree with you guys, not sure about this...<br /><br />but apparently this is a weekly thing... so give it long enough and ever shirt ever made will make it in the hall of fame and shame!<br /><br />i mean the argie le coq shirt, would beat that messi-adi combo (no pun intented)any day!<br /><br />that cork city shirt is a cracker!

  1. fsc

An OK list but there have been far better Barca shirts, including the current kit.

  1. fsc

These are great and all, but I don\'t understand why we need a shitty image viewer.<br /><br />Is a simple thumbnail linking to a subpage with the image really that much to ask?<br /><br />Every time I try to cycle through the pictures the main page reloads. It is getting ridiculous

  1. fsc

Pretty decent selection but a tad predictable if I\'m going to be picky which I will be since this site is dedicated to football shirt academia. I think I\'ve seen all the shirts previously apart from the Cork City one which I agree is unique and is probably the only one I would like to have.<br /><br />The River Plate design is very good but you can\'t beat Peru for the all time great \'white shirt / red sash\' look.<br /><br />Shirts which have really impressed me in recent times as \'must haves\' \'would be from Roma, Palermo, St. Etienne, Gremio, Flamengo, Boca Juniors, Club America, Real Sociedad, 1860 Munich and my personal favourite: the red England away shirt.<br /><br />My tuppence worth.

  1. fsc

Come on! We all know that there is no substance at all to this.<br /><br />Most would agree that you need to add fact & explanations to your choices if they\'re to carry any real weight.<br /><br />Next time Mary, it would help to know more about why \"This shirt is better than the rest\" !

  1. fsc

great to see cork city there!! saying that, i would have thought cork city\'s 89 - 91 jersey was more iconic. <br /><br />strange list but i suppose everyone has their own opinion.<br /><br />my personal list would be (in no order):<br /><br />cork city home(89 -91)<br />ireland home(euro 88)<br />arsenal home(06-08)<br />arsenal away (89)<br />juventus home (96)<br />croatia home (94-96)<br />valencia 3rd (05 -06, its red and yellow striped one with blue sleeves)

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