Athletic Bilbao have won admiration for proudly sticking to their traditions, being the only team in Spain, and one of the very few in Europe, to have refused to carry shirt publicity.

Until now, that is.

Sports daily Marca reported on Saturday that Bilbao have signed a lucrative contract with Basque oil refinery Petronor to carry their shirt publicity for the next three seasons.

The deal is to be made official on Tuesday evening, when the club will show off its shirts for next season. The famous red-and-white stripes will continue, but now with Petronor written across them.

Marca said that the shirt deal will earn the famous "Basque Lions" around 1,5 million euros per season.

This is one of the ideas of new club president Fernando Garcia Macua to increase revenue and he seems to have the approval, albeit reluctant, of most club members.

Supporters of Los Leones will be split, because they recognise that  €1.5m-per-season will help ensure that the team can be strengthened, while traditionalists will ask why things have had to change now.

The Basque Country club have always been proud of the fact that they have never carried a company name on their jerseys and even now manufacture their own kit.

But economic constraints have made the introduction of a sponsor a must and a deal with local company Petronor has been agreed and signed.

Spanish energy giants Repsol, are the parent company to Petronor and their president, Antoni Brufau, is expected to attend the official announcement on Tuesday.


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  1. Woody Reed

money, money changes everything....

  1. fsc

The lure of money is just too strong.

  1. fsc

[quote=pachyderm]money, money changes everything....[/quote]<br /><br />Up The Blades, Fail The Owls

  1. fsc

Basque players only now sponsors no wonder they don\'t win anything in the last 23 years

  1. fsc

Not having a sponsor logo on the jersey it\'s very praiseworthy. But honestly teams most addapt to modern football conditions.<br /><br />I belive that trying to earn money is not as bad as some traditionalist would think, as long as the Club chooses very carefully the sponsor they are asociating whit, in this case Atleti is teaming up whit a prestigious company from el Pa?

  1. fsc

I have to second the comment about Barcelona, my hat goes off to them. <br />They have had some stupid offers in the past (coca-cola offered them over $100m a few years ago) and have now given it away for free. <br /><br />Kudos to Aston Villa also, on a slightly smaller scale but still the same thing. <br /><br />When you compare this to Arsenals deal with Emirates, Chelsea and Samsung and so on its even more impressive. And Barca are still paying top dollar for players.....

  1. fsc

Let us be honest and politically uncorrect for once. The Unicef logo on Barca jerseys looks like shit.

  1. fsc

the unicef logo on the barca shirt looks good imo

  1. fsc

The Unicef Logo, looks horrible, since the logo is in the shirt, they didnt win anything!!<br /><br />Athletic de Bilbao, why?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. fsc

i admired Barca and Bilbao too, am really sorry for Athletic.<br /><br />As for Barca... unicef is not do bad...and i\'d rather have that than \'bwin\' or something else. <br /><br />Difference between barca and real: barca - helping children, real - \'BET!BET!BET!!!!\'; talk about yin and yang...

  1. fsc

Do you really think that Bar?

  1. Jay


  1. fsc

people are silly. always some conspiracy. Barca dont get paid jack, instead fork out. all madrid fans should follow our example!!!

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