Everton will be launching a brand new kit for the 2008-09 season but there will be a significant change to the junior versions. Everton will become the first English club to completely strike alcohol sponsorship from their kids shirts. Following a recommendation from the Portman Group, the club has decided that all junior replica jerseys and training range will not carry the name or logo of the main sponsor, Chang.

The Portman Group is supported by the UK's leading drinks producers and is concerned solely with the social responsibility issues surrounding alcohol.

The Group's Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks was introduced in 1996. The Code, which is supported throughout the industry, seeks to ensure that drinks are marketed in a socially responsible way and to an adult audience only.

Everton Chief Executive, Keith Wyness, explained the club’s stance on this issue: "As a Premier League football club we are all too aware of our social responsibility, especially towards our younger supporters, and we are only too pleased to adopt this policy for the new season."

David Poley, Portman Group Chief Executive, added: "Everton is leading the way by becoming the first English club to remove alcohol branding from all children's replica sports shirts.

"No drinks company would deliberately set out to target children, it’s an unwanted side-effect of sports sponsorship. Hopefully, fans will appreciate why the industry does not want children to be viewed as walking billboards for their drinks."

JJB are Everton’s official retail partner and they, too, are fully behind the decision.

"As a High Street family sports retailer, JJB support Everton’s decision to adopt this policy for the forthcoming season," said Neil Ryan, Sports Marketing Manager.

Mr. Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, President of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, brewer of Chang Beer, commented: "We recognise that under age drinking is an issue in the UK and as a company we are firmly committed to taking an active and responsible role in society.

"Chang Beer is fully supportive of this initiative."


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  1. fsc

I\'m well sure that kids know what alcohol is. They see it on everyone else\'s tops so it is not like it is hiding or covering anything up. In my opinion, I just think that taking off the sponsor is useless.

  1. fsc

Liverpool did this last year with their kids shirts.

  1. fsc

Good job, Chang! I applaud you.

  1. fsc

This is just maketing froth.<br /><br />If they really believed it, wouldn\'t they offer the option of having the adult shirts sponsor free as well? Or do they think alcohol never did anyone any harm at all?

  1. fsc

[quote=Rob Carey]Liverpool did this last year with their kids shirts.[/quote]<br /><br />Did They? I just bought this years for my 5 year old and it Has Carlsberg plastered all over it :eek:

  1. fsc

pretty sure liverpools was just for european matches when they play in countries that do not allow for alcohol sponsership

  1. fsc

This is old news~<br />Tottenham were really one of the first teams to do it.<br />It must have been during the 92-93 season coz my 1st and 2nd spurs shirts were kids size and they didn\'t have the Holsten logo on them.

  1. fsc

O.M.G.<br /><br />Kids Do Know Whay Alcohol is You Know, Everton!!! <br /><br />Are U Dumb Of Sumfink?

  1. fsc

whats the point

  1. fsc

Not sure that this helps at all.<br /><br />It\'s gives out a message that alcohol is a taboo subject for kids and is a \"really bad thing, right, y\'know, just don\'t go there\". It would be better to leave the sponsor on and give the responsibility for teaching kids about alcohol back to parents where it belongs.<br /><br />I\'m firmly in the \"this is a cynical marketing ploy to sell more kids\' shirts\" camp.

  1. fsc

hiya y dus the kids shirt say SODA underneath the CHANG why don\'t CHANG make SODA to sell at GOODISON PARK so that the kids will buy that not bother about the alcohol

  1. fsc

If they really wanted to send out a message, there\'d be a ban on Alcohol sponsorship in football. God forbid any youth has gone out and tried Carlsberg because Liverpool wear it. Hand-holding, cotton wool minded motives that are pacifying a populous that needs strong governing, not petty measures like this. By removing Chang from the shirts, it potentially creates the notion of the beer being a forbidden fruit, like porno mags being on the top shelf. It just glamourises them.

  1. fsc

spurs did this years ago. i really wanted holsten on my shirt to look more like the players. now i wish i could get a shirt without a sponsor on it.

  1. Angelo Trofa

Great work, absolutlely love it. Much better than the current Puma kits.<br /><br />yet again more great work from menoia

  1. Bill123

I don't care if it's about alcohol. I just wish all jersey's could be purchased without sponsorship. I'd pay a few bucks extra.

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