The DFL Sports Enterprises GmbH, acting on behalf of the DFL (Deutsche Fußball-Liga), has started the tender for the official match ball of Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga games from the 2010/11 season.

Companies interested can apply for the corresponding licence rights until April 14th, 2009. Regarding the periods of the contracts there are two scenarios that can be bid for: either for a period until June 30th, 2013 or for a period until June 30th, 2014.

The official match ball shall be used in all matches of Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga as well as in the relegation matches. The basis for the tender had been created by the general meeting of the League Association in August 2007, handing the marketing order to the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH.

Nine companies already registered

Nine companies have registered their interest since the announcement of the tender on February 10th, 2009. The DFL Sports Enterprises will send out the tender documents on Match 10th.

The final decision about a winning bid will be made by DFL and League Board. The right to provide the official matchball aside, the performance portfolio includes the possibility to produce specific licence products as well as advertising on the league's platforms.

"Make the Bundesliga brand more popular"

"The Bundesliga is the only top league without an official match ball so far. This being the case, we now go a way that has been successful in Europe for a long time", says Dr. Robert Niemann, Chief Executive Officer of DFL Sports Enterprises. "Experiences from other markets show: the league not only profits in economical terms. On the one hand this step enables us to objectify the competition due to a uniform match ball. On the other hand this reform contributes to making the Bundesliga brand more popular at home and abroad."

"The tender will be carried through in a transparent process free of discrimination. The decision criteria are not only economical aspects, but also the contentual concepts all applicants have to present", says Jörg Daubitzer, Chief Operating Officer of DFL Sports Enterprises. "When the bids are made we reserve the right to carry through additional bidding rounds to find the best partner for the league."


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  1. fsc

I think I should look into sponsoring the football meself :-)

  1. fsc

Maybe an Adidas ball with the McDonald\'s logo B)

  1. fsc


  1. fsc

their finally getting a rpoper ball. Yay, what about the Serie A next?

  1. fsc

hmm~ 2 corporate \"businessmen\", typical pose and they probably dont even know how to play soccer (they do know how to make $$$ of course) i hate ppl who controls sport with money!!! disgusting.

  1. Calum McKenna

Lol - is that a smear of shit?

  1. Guest

No, it's just the Spurs badge!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

  1. Dee Are

More like the tottenham turd shirt

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