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US sportswear giant Nike has won the contract to supply the France international football team from 2011-18 at a cost of 42.6 million euros a year, the French football federation said Friday.

There where some rumours  about it back in November 2007, and today the FFF officially announced a football kit deal with Nike. US sportswear giant Nike has won the contract to supply the France international football team from 2011-18 at a cost of 42.6 million euros a year, the French football federation said Friday.

Nike fought off competition from Adidas, the German sportswear manufacturers who have supplied the team since 1972, and Airness, a smaller French company, to win the bidding process. Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes said money had talked as the proposals by both Nike and Adidas had been very similar in quality.

"It's the financial aspect that made the difference," Escalettes said. "I had neither the moral nor legal capacity to take any other decision."

Escalettes revealed that the seven-and-a-half season contract was worth 320 million euros, a massive four-and-a-half times that of the existing contract.

Nike threw in a seasonal kit donation for all French national teams worth 2.5 million euros a year.

There remain two tournaments in which France will compete wearing Adidas kit, the Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup, the latter reliant on the French side ensuring their qualification.

Les Bleus will wear Adidas gear at this year's European Championship and at the 2010 World Cup if it qualifies.


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  1. fsc

I think that\'s really a mess up... the football is based on tradition and not based on marketing... but, sadly, that is what it\'s being happennig in a while... France is wearing Adidas since 1972 (that\'s tradition) I wouldn\'t imagine Spain waering Nike or Brasil Puma... but I dunno... I guess France will start a new tradition

  1. fsc

WHY???? France is fine with Adidas. Well it shows you that it\'s all about the money.

  1. fsc

I\'m afraid that sucks . I can\'t imagine a France kit without the traditional 3 stripes . I never imagined that teams like France , Germany or Spain for example will wear nike , but ow adidas say \"IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING\" :evil: <br /><br />To be honest , I\'m a big adidas fan , and I guess that\'s a shame for France to swap adidas with nike , especially after adidas designed such great kits for France along the years and especially after the great kits they made for EURO 2008 .

  1. fsc


  1. fsc

That\'s pretty sad news... Nike won\'t do them justice

  1. fsc

Shameful. What about the heritage? The classic shirts, the classic teams?<br /><br />Nike will never produce a shirt as iconic as The France 82 World Cup shirt or the Euro 84 shirt.<br /><br />FFF, you have sold your very soul, for the sake of a few Euros.

  1. Francesco

This is a very very sad news for me.<br />I\'m Italian,but I always loved French shirts.<br />Nothing is so iconic like the three white stripes on the blue-red field..<br />It would be less sad if Germany announced Nike deal.<br />I have several French kit: \'80,\'92,\'94,\'96<br />French shirt will never be really French without the three stripes.<br />Like French rugby kits.<br />I\'ll surely buy 2010 shirt,the last chapter of a great history of style.<br /><br />However...Nike is really defeating Adidas

  1. Francesco


  1. fsc

its all money...money...money

  1. fsc

I\'m sad too, there\'s clearly a really long time bond between France and adidas, but aren\'t we being to severe with Nike? And what if they surprise us? Anyway, tradition nowadays means nothing, money is everything....but don\'t are we all like this????

  1. fsc

this freakin sucks. France and adidas go hand in hand. All the greats of France have worn adidas, Zidane, Platini. There always has to be three stripes on the France jersey.<br />it wont be the same with nike.

  1. fsc

I disagree. Adidas have made some excellent shirts for France, but not any more. The latest one looks like a Powerpoint template. The last one was a mess. Unfortunately, adidas is slavishly imposing its templates on its customers with no apparent regard for their duty to continue and feed the heritage and tradition it has, in some cases, helped to build. Simple fact is that Nike is making better strips these days that allow their teams some individuality.

  1. ali


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