According to the Guardian, Manchester city are aiming to strike a record sponsorship deal with Etihad, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, after opening talks about an agreement that would recognise their position as the most richly endowed club in the world.

This new agreement could be the biggest of its kind in English football, beating Manchester United's £56.5m four-year deal with AIG.

Etihad, which currently sponsors the Harlequin rugby union team, is run by the Abu Dhabi government and, like Manchester City, is backed by the royal family.

Although talks are described as "very early" and several other companies are also in the frame, Etihad's links to the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG) have established the airline as the front-runners to replace Thomas Cook as shirt sponsors.

Manchester City’s current £2.3m-a-year sponsorship deal with travel firm Thomas Cook runs out at the end of the year.


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  1. fsc

Looks like City is going Arab!!!! I t is becoming harder to find a English team with English player, English, owners, and English sponsorship. Football is not a sport any more, just a business!

  1. Calum McKenna

Lol \"City is going Arab\"...obviously City\'s owners will go for a company that will help promote their own and earn them more money...just like United with the Glaziers/AIG deal - yet City\'s owners have money :lol: <br />Also it\'s not that hard to find an English team with English everything - just maybe a bit harder in the Premiership. It doesnt matter who owns it, if you\'re winning/losing, amazing/shit...if it\'s your club, you support them because you\'ve grown up with it, because your family supports them, because it\'s where you\'re\'s a lot harder to find a fan like that nowadays.

  1. Roger Foden

Well said CAL . It makes me sick when you see kids walking around the local shopping centre in manchester chelsea or Arsenal tops .the premiership has caused kids to support one of 3 teams coz they are always on tv. It has also caused far too many plastic fans who expect to be entertained and create no atmosphere.....I\'m just off to get my lunch...prawn sandwiches anyone !

  1. fsc

I agree with John.

  1. fsc

Eithad = United in English hahaha. Glory glory Man United!

  1. fsc

It means Unity...<br />You stand corrected.

  1. Enrico C.

Well done! I like the kit and the way you think. I&#039;m not so sure about collar&#039;s shape. 8.5-9/10

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